Matthew McConaughey Shows Further Proof He’s Awesome Donating Money to Fund North Carolina Musician

by Kati Michelle

If you haven’t had the chance to hear Matthew McConaughey deliver one of his motivational speeches, you’re seriously missing out. One of his most recent Red River Rally cries held tidbits of knowledge like “don’t just rent the place, own it.” He actually uses those speaking skills as a professor of practice at the Moody College of Communication in Austin. But don’t expect him to run for governor just yet.

While he tries to feel out where he might be “most useful” in the realm of politics, the Texan continues to set a good example for fans young and old. His latest act really exemplifies why he’s risen as an Outsider favorite. Not that we really need any more proof of the awesome guy he is, but McConaughey just donated a bunch of money to fund one North Carolina musician. Here’s the story.

Matthew McConaughey Partners With Wild Turkey Bourbon to Recognize Local Music Heroes

What do Matthew McConaughey and Wild Turkey Bourbon have in common? A lot of things. They’re both pretty smooth to start. They’re sophisticated yet simple and a crowd favorite any time of year. Oh yeah, and they put their money where their mouth is, too. McConaughey actually joined the company as their Creative Director back in 2016.

This year, their partnership aimed to recognize individuals across the nation who contributed to their local music scenes during the difficult times of the pandemic. Ultimately, they chose five nominees to honor. Charlotte singer and guitarist Justin Fedor took home the title as one of these “Local Legends.” Along with the other winners, he earned a lump sum of $10k to donate to any music cause of his choice.

“Music can heal, inspire, transform and take us on time-traveling trips to where we’ve already been and where we want to go,” McConaughey told the press. “Musicians are outlaws, poets, performers, and prognosticators – and we need to them keep taking the stage. With that said, it’s vital that we invest in these local music scenes – to keep the lights on at our favorite venues and nurture the next generation of great live performers.”

What Cause Did the North Carolina Winner Pick?

Justin Fedor continues to uplift the North Carolina music scene with a series of benefits and concerts. In the past, he organized both a John Prine Tribute as well as a Tribute to Black Artists. He plans to give his prize money to an organization called “Drums For Cures.”

This organization hosts a variety of DRUMSTRONG events aimed at supporting families afflicted by cancer. They also supported Fedor’s work over the years, matching his Tribute donations to double the aid.

An outdoor concert in Nashville is scheduled for Friday to honor the five recipients. In the meantime, one venue shared its gratitude for Justin Fedor and Matthew McConaughey’s work. Check it out: