Matthew McConaughey Shows Off His Texas Roots in New Hot Rod Photo

by Madison Miller

There’s no bigger Texas fan than “Dallas Buyers Club” actor Matthew McConaughey.

Nearly every aspect of McConaughey’s life seems to gravitate around good ol’ Texas living. The actor recently posted a photo with the caption, “all gas no breaks #hookem.”

He’s posing on his Triumph motorcycle that has a University of Texas color scheme. It’s a bright orange and white bike that is accompanied by a white helmet with an orange Texas Longhorn logo.

McConaughey is wearing a Texas shirt as well, making the photo beyond iconic.

As for work, McConaughey recently completed voicing Buster Moon for the movie “Sing 2.”

Matthew McConaughey Undying Texas Love

There are few things McConaughey is more passionate about than the entire state of Texas.

He was born in Uvalde, Texas, and was the youngest of three other brothers. To this day, McConaughey’s roots show in his slow Southern drawl, his mannerisms, and his love for whiskey and sports. He’s also a professor at the University of Texas.

He once described in depth his love for being a Texan.

“I suppose it is. And I get asked that question, and I don’t think I’ve ever had the perfect answer for it. Steinbeck says it’s a state of mind… In Texas, there is a certain honor of being a Texan that is a measure of doing something the best that you can. You have your name – McConaughey – or because you’re a Travers, you know. You have your nation – because you’re American … have, if you’re a believer, because of God. And in Texas, you have a fourth measure. It’s because you’re a Texan,” McConaughey said in an interview on ABC’s show, “Popcorn with Peter Travers,” according to Southern Living.

McConaughey now lives in Austin, Texas. As a millionaire, he could live anywhere he wants. However, he said, “I like to say I live in Austin, Texas, because I can live where I want to.”

He lives with his wife Camila Alves and his kids in a $6 million mansion in Austin. It’s called the “Old Oak” estate and stretches 10,000 feet with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

Matthew McConaughey Loves to Travel

Although he was born and raised in Texas and will always call it home, McConaughey also has been quite the nomad in the past.

In 2004, he bought an Airstream International CCD 28 and lived in it for four years. He took that RV on the road to see everything this country has to offer.

He traveled to 49 states in his 28-foot RV, only missing North Dakota.

“It’s got a great window right above your pillow, so when you wake up in the morning, you’re looking right at the ocean or wherever your backyard is that day,” McConaughey said to Architectural Digest in 2016.