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Matthew McConaughey Speaks to Children in Powerful New Message About Life Since 2019

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Ah, Matthew McConaughey. Always full of wisdom and quick to give a story to teach a lesson. The actor spoke with 12-year-old Jackson Daly about life in the last two years.

On NBC’s Nightly News, McConaughey sat down with Carson Daly’s son Jackson. The young interviewer talked to the Sing 2 star about the movie and some deeper topics as well. His question to the award-winning actor was powerful for such a young person.

“It’s been a hard two years for kids because COVID and homeschooling,” Jackson said. “What’s the overall takeaway that kids can get from this movie [Sing 2]?”

Matthew McConaughey did not parse his words. He gave a very passionate, appropriate, and inspiring message to kids (and adults) watching at home.

“The last two years have been a particularly hard time, for kids and everybody. The last two years have been a long-form version of running into conflict, where you think, ‘Okay, it’s time to quit. I give up. It’s time to start practicing things in my life that I know aren’t good for me because you know what, so what.’ But don’t give up on it,” he explained to the young interviewer. “This is a time that we’re going through that we’re starting to come out of.”

‘Sing 2’ Star Says to ‘Trust Yourself’ During Tough Times

McConaughey wasn’t done there. He talked about looking forward and how you go about making it out of these hard times. Constant conflict can wear anyone down. Young kids are just doing what they can and trying to live life as normal as they can.

“Trust yourself – trust that what you believe in before the trouble came, before the pandemic came, before you were homeschooled,” he said. “Trust that maybe you just got out of this and you’re a little worse for the wear, but if you survive to get out the other side of this, everyone went through it.”

Knowing that others are in the same boat can make hard times easier to deal with. There is a solidarity that comes from a shared experience like the pandemic.

Matthew McConaughey ‘We Think We’re the Only One’

Being able to zoom out from the here and now and look at something bigger than ourselves can be hard. When you were a kid growing up you probably thought everything bad that happened was directly targeting you. Plenty of adults think that they are the center of the universe as well. So, Matthew McConaughey’s words ring so loud and true.

“Cause when we’re personally going through any hard time, what do we think? We think we’re the only one going through it, we think the world revolving around us and we’re the only one going through the hardship.”

Those words from the Sing 2 star are so important to remember. Young folks and old can appreciate trying to look beyond yourself and at others’ suffering. It brings things into context and makes those difficult times easier to deal with.