Matthew McConaughey Speaks Out About His Love for Texas

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Showing his love for the state of Texas, Matthew McConaughey opens up about his Texan roots and why he adores the Lone Star State. 

While promoting Longbranch, a bourbon he co-created from the makers of Wild Turkey, Matthew McConaughey spoke to PEOPLE about the certain expectations that come with being a Texan at a young age. “You also get consequences when you screw up, because people go, ‘That’s not very Texan of you,’” McConaughey explained. “It’s a sort of measuring stick of what you get applauded for and what you get disciplined for in Texas.”

Also speaking about his “promotion” of Texas, Matthew McConaughey said, “I think it just naturally comes out of me. Look, I’m a man of the world. I’ve traveled. I’ve filled many passports. But I’m from Texas. How much is me being from Texas also how I was raised by my family?” 

However, Matthew McConaughey notes it’s important for some Texans to leave the state. “It’s not necessarily a place that says, ‘No, you have to stay here, don’t go anywhere,’” he explained. “It’s not an insular state like that. Texans are like, ‘Go travel.’ I find that, even myself, around the world I meet Texans all over the place, more so than any other state. And part of that is that sort of adventurous spirit of get out there, go see”

Matthew McConaughey then encouraged fellow Texans to take advantage of the world by exploring it. “You wonder what’s happening over somewhere in the world? Fill your passport, go check it out. Then come back home and tell us about it.”

Matthew McConaughey Reflects on His Adventures Outside of Texas 

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey speaks to the media outlet about his own adventures outside his home state of Texas. 

“I know how much that’s done for my own health, mentally, spiritually and physically in my own life,” Matthew McConaughey shared about leaving the state of Texas. “It’s hard to find that time these days in the world, in the lives we live. So if you can combine a luxury experience, plus an open invitation to get outdoors, or go take a walk in the middle of the night, or whatever it’s going to be, that’s a true five-star experience in my mind.”

As he spoke about the Longbranch and Walden Retreats, Matthew McConaughey further discussed his love for nature. It traces back to his childhood in Uvalde, Texas. “The first time you go, ‘Can I stay outside or sleep in a tent tonight?’ And I did, in the backyard. It was a scary night and I was scared of every sound that happened, but I did it and ended up enjoying it.”

He went on to share that when his love for being outside continued even when he moved to Longview. “On one night a weekend, I’d go stay in the tree house and loved that. I felt like I was all alone in the world, like I was hiding out.”