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Matthew McConaughey Speaks on Running a Small Business in America: ‘Takes Guts, Resilience, and a Whole Lotta Hard Work’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey now is adding small business champion to his top causes. The actor is touting success stories as part of a campaign with software company Homebase.

Earlier this month, Homebase touted its relationship with Matthew McConaughey and what the Academy Award-winning Texan had to say about owners of small businesses.

“Being a small business owner takes guts, resilience and a whole lot of hard work,” McConaughey said. “It takes overcoming challenges. We do not see behind the counter or on the shelf. I’m here to tell some of those stories. These are stories of grit, these are stories of Greenlights. (That’s a reference to McConaughey’s best-selling memoir he released in October 2020).

Matthew McConaughey Touted Small Business Owner Selling Tacos

Last November, Homebase announced that Matthew McConaughey would host a digital series that focused on people who own small businesses across the country. And in that announcement, the actor said:

“Small businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. And behind every one are people taking risks, overcoming challenges, and staying true to themselves in the process. In my book Greenlights, I talk a lot about red lights, those moments of strife that stop us in our tracks — like the pandemic did to thousands of Main Street business owners and workers.

“In my experience, it’s how we choose to adapt or persist through these challenges, the kinds of challenges small business owners face every day, that we turn red lights into green. These are stories of hard work and resilience. These stories need to be told.”

Homebase released one of those stories, Tuesday, In a tweet, the company wrote: “Taco bout a great story! Join Matthew McConaughey as he sits down with the owners of iconic Antique Taco to hear how they’re mixing their passion, work, and family to cook up a full life — not to mention, one of America’s top 50 tacos.”

Antique Taco is in Chicago.

Actor Did A McConaughRama Video This Week

As we know, Matthew McConaughey loves to motivate people, whether they’re small business owners or readers of his memoir or watchers of his videos.

Earlier this week, he posted one of his patented editions of a “McConaughRama.” McConaughey grabbed a chair and started having a stream of conscious chat with the camera. The topic — how McConaughey developed his lens on life.

“Trial and error, experience. failing, dissecting my own successes, when they happened, and finding a common denominator,” he says. “And how I looked at the situation as I approached it. How I prepared for the situation. Then seeing the common denominator of ‘Oh, that’s a solution, that’s a hypothesis on how to get what you want.’ It’s not foolproof. But it is a way to navigate.

“It’s a question that we can all ask ourselves and to suss out a situation before we go into it. And while we’re in it that can help us get the maximum achievement of what we want out of it on the other side. It’s a life perspective. That’s what turns me on. That’s the lens I see the world through, daily. It’s instinctual, it’s daily. I’ve been doing it since I was 14. Help me figure out this riddle of life.”

If you think about it, what Matthew McConaughey said also could apply to any small business.