Matthew McConaughey Sports Shaved Head in Throwback Pic from His ‘Greenlights’ Book

by Suzanne Halliburton

Matthew McConaughey is known for his blonde locks. He maintains a shoulder-length ‘do, sometimes pulling it back to beat the heat.

Yet there was the actor was on social media, Sunday afternoon, sporting a shaved head. What’s that about?

McConaughey was throwing back to an old look, one that he wrote about in his memoir, Greenlights.

He wrote: “if youre high enough the sun is always shining #greenlightsbook.”

Matthew McConaughey Shaved His Head To Make His Hair Grow Thicker

The photo appears to be around his movie, Reign of Fire, circa 2002. At the time, Matthew McConaughey wanted to break away from playing the romantic leading man. Rom-coms pay a lot for a select few, but if you’re not careful, that’s all you’ll ever play.

Plus, McConaughey admitted in his memoir that he was losing his hair. So he shaved his head after hearing that it’ll jump-start hair growth. Start from scratch and it all comes back.

Here’s something timely about Reign of Fire. Matthew McConaughey co-starred in the movie with Christian Bale. It was about a fantasy, post-apocalyptic world in England. And get this, the movie was set in 2020. Yes, we all know 2020 was a different kind of year, what with the Covid-19 pandemic. But so far, there’s been no apocalypse.

The movie tells the story of how dragons are now the dominant creatures on earth. They were the ones who killed off the dinosaurs. Matthew McConaughey, as Denton Van Zan, and Bale were dragon fighters so they could rescue the world from the fire and brimstone. Although McConaughey was billed as a star of the movie, he didn’t appear for the first 30 minutes,

The movie was a box-office dud. It made $82 million on a budget of $60 million. But it always will be known for that time McConaughey shaved his luscious hair.

Native Texan Is Loving Life in Austin

These days, Matthew McConaughey is sitting pretty, living in Austin, TX. He’s raising his three kids with wife, Camila. He’s teaching at the University of Texas, where he’s the minister of culture for the Longhorn athletics program. McConaughey also is mulling a run for Texas governor.

And, he’s the minority owner for F.C. Austin, a new MLS franchise. For the home opener, McConaughey dressed head-to-toe in green, the team’s main color. He brought out his drum and banged on it in pre-game to hype up the sold-out crowd. You can check out his most recent soccer post here.

Meanwhile, his fans were appreciating McConaughey’s photo of his shaved head. They really liked the use of the word “high” in the Tweet and the caption on Instagram.

“Define high,” one wrote.

“You may want to rephrase that lol” another said.

There also was this one: “Do I need to get high, dad?” and “Sky high, my brotha, much love.”