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Matthew McConaughey Talks Gambling With Jamey Johnson, Starring in Trisha Yearwood’s ‘Walkaway Joe’ Video & More on ‘The Justin Moore Podcast’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Alright, alright, alright, Matthew McConaughey fans. The man himself sat down with Justin Moore and JR on The Justin Moore Podcast to talk about nearly everything. They kicked off the conversation with sports and snuff preferences and then went right into some of the craziest stories from McConaughey’s life and career.

The Texas native and possible gubernatorial candidate is obviously a good old boy at heart. In fact, he shared a couple of stories about his connection to some of country music’s biggest names.

Matthew McConaughey Gambles with Jamey Johnson

Matthew McConaughey has known country star Jamey Jonson for quite a while. In fact, he directed his “Play the Part” video. He became a fan after hearing Johnson’s That Lonesome Song album. Later, McConaughey met Johnson at an awards show while presenting. They even did some traveling together. However, one of the coolest stories that McConaughey shared during the latest episode of The Justin Moore Podcast was the one about the bet he made with Jamey Johnson.

Matthew McConaughey and Jamey Johnson are both fans of college ball. So, they made a pretty hefty wager on a championship game. However, they weren’t going to pay one another. In true superstar fashion, the loser had to make a donation to a charity of the winner’s choosing. McConaughey lost the bet. So, he had to donate to Gamblers Anonymous. They refused to take the donation, though, because it was the result of a bet.

About that Matthew McConaughey said, “They didn’t get the joke. We thought they would have a better sense of humor than that.”

Walkaway McConaughey

Jamey Johnson isn’t the only Country music superstar that Matthew McConaughey has connections to. In fact, some 90s country fans might recognize him from Trisha Yearwood’s “Walkaway Joe,” video. In fact, he was the title character in the video.

When he got the role, Matthew McConaughey was in film school at the University of Texas. However, he already had an agent. So, one day, he got the call to audition for a Trisha Yearwood video. He didn’t hesitate to go down and try to snag the role. It was one of his first gigs, he said.

About the video, Matthew McConaughey said that it was “More of a modeling job.” He recalled that it was back when videos told a story. He summed up his role in the best way possible. “You know, you meet the girl, y’all go swimming and it’s great. You run hand in hand through the fields. Lay around, chew on some straw together, maybe smell each other a little bit. Then, end up back at the motel, not the hotel. After everything’s good and you’re laying in the lovely morning light of love last night, ol’ Walkaway Joe slips on out of there. Sneaks on out.”

 He said that they shot the whole thing in a single day in central Texas.

Hear the full stories and so much more on this week’s episode of The Justin Moore Podcast, which is available wherever you listen to podcasts or on YouTube.