Matthew McConaughey Talks Journey of Finding One’s Inner Self

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images for Wild Turkey)

Matthew McConaughey is giving fans a look into his new Greenlights Journal. Watch him talk about the journey of self-discovery.

Matthew McConaughey is promoting a new book, only this time, he’s asking his fans to fill in the pages. Greenlights: Your Journal, Your Journey is a “guided companion” to the actor’s bestselling memoir Greenlights. Filled with writing prompts and life advice, McConaughey believes that the journal can help one find themselves.

The New York Times Bestselling Author posted a video on Twitter talking about his new journal. He shares what he finds special about it.

“Most journals are blank pages,” he begins. “This is mostly blank pages, but the difference is that I’ve given you prompts along the way. Just little nudges of questions to ask yourself or perspectives to dive into that are yours.”

McConaughey’s Words of Wisdom

McConaughey encourages his fans to write their own stories and offers his own words of wisdom.

“Finding out who we are starts with understanding who we are not,” McConaughey says. “I ask you a question on page 14: Who am I not? It’s a fun thing to write down, it’s something we don’t think about.”

He encourages his fans to eliminate the people and things in life that do not bring positivity.

“Eliminate the things and the habits and the people and the places in our life that do not feed our true selves. Inevitably, that puts us on a path to having habits, people, and places in our life that do fulfill ourselves.”

The actor reads a quote out of the Greenlights: Your Journal, Your Journey to give fans another sneak peek of what to expect from the book.

“Knowing who we are is hard,” he reads. “I think we can all agree on that sometimes. The process of elimination is the first step.”

The goal of his memoir’s follow-up release is to help others live their lives to the fullest extent. McConaughey wants his readers to understand that they are in the “driver’s seat.”

“I’m ridin’ shotgun with you in this journey. Think of this journal as your own personal road trip and your own personal adventure, and I’m ridin’ shotgun.”

McConaughey Reflects On His Memoir

It has been over a year since Matthew McConaughey released his memoir Greenlights. The book became a New York Times bestseller, and is described as a “love letter to life.”

October 20, 2021, marked the memoir’s one-year anniversary since publication. The actor took to Twitter to thank fans for their support.

“You told me it helped you look your angels and your demons in the eye. Well, thank you. Because that’s exactly what writing this book did for me. Thank you for that reciprocity.”