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Matthew McConaughey Talks ‘Value of Gratitude’ in Thanksgiving Day Video

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey said it’s important to remember what Thanksgiving is about — family and gratitude. He thinks people should spend more time thinking about the things they’re thankful for.

The Oscar winner — sporting long hair, a backward snapback hat, and a pair of sunglasses — posted an Instagram video on Thanksgiving explaining the “value of gratitude.”

Thanksgiving is about family and gratitude,” he says in the video. “Here’s the value of gratitude. The more things we’re thankful for, the more value we give to those things. And when we give value to things we take responsibility for them. We want to take care of those things. The more things we’re responsible for, the more meaning we have in our life, the more freedom we actually have. The responsibility of freedom starts with gratitude.”

Matthew McConaughey usually tries to do acts of service on Thanksgiving as a means of showing his appreciation. Last year, he served barbecue to first responders at the Los Angeles Fire Department, saying that “all servants serve.” He teamed up with Wild Turkey to pass out 4,500 turkeys in 2017 to families in Lawrenceville, Kentucky, where the company’s distillery is located. He shared a similar message about the expanding nature of gratitude.

“Thank you for being here and giving up your Saturday for this,” McConaughey said in a speech to the 250 Wild Turkey employees who helped him pass out the turkeys. “We believe in our family that the more you’re thankful for, the more you’re going to create in your life to be thankful for.”

Matthew McConaughey On His Possible Run for Texas Governor

One thing Matthew McConaughey must be thankful for is his lead in the polls, even though he’s not even a candidate. The Dazed and Confused star leads all potential challengers in the Texas governor race, including incumbent Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

The University of Texas and the Dallas Morning News surveyed likely voters and found that 43 percent of Texans would vote for the megastar. Only 35 percent said they’d vote for Abbott, and 22 percent said they’d pick a different candidate.

McConaughey has played footsie with voters for months. He first started talking about a potential political campaign earlier this year, but he refuses to say if he’ll run or give any policy positions. Last month he told NPR that he is considering a life in politics — maybe.

“I’m not (running) – until I am,” he said. “It’s got to be personal for me. But it’s also got to be the most useful thing for the most amount of people.”

The New York Times also tried to get him to provide give any details about how he would govern. He again deflected.

“I don’t talk politics,” he told journalist Kara Swisher. “I talk people.”

Though he did say that the only stance he takes is no stance.

“I would call myself aggressively centrist,” he told Yahoo! News. “Not because that’s the place of gray and compromise. … I think today it’s a daring space. It’s the space of outlaws.”