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Matthew McConaughey Tells Story About His Son That Just Gave Us All Words to Live by

by Samantha Whidden
Matthew McConaughey With His Family
(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage)

Although he usually offers some life advice personally, Matthew McConaughey took to his Twitter account to tell a story about his son’s own words of wisdom.

While chatting about his son, McConaughey shared that his son did a “really cool thing” prior to heading to camp recently. “I said, ‘What are you hoping to get from camp?’ And he said this, ‘Well Papa, I just wanna meet new people, and do cool things.’”

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Matthew McConaughey then said that he agreed with his son and even declared that has to be the best reason to do something. “Go explore, go to camp, go everywhere you’re going to go, go travel.”

The actor went on to toast to his son’s reasoning. “I don’t have a drink, but I’m gonna get one,” he added. “Thank you, buddy. Here’s to meeting new people and doing cool things. 

Matthew McConaughey Writes About Fatherhood & Shares His Advice on Marriage 

In his book Greenlights, Matthew McConaughey opened up about raising his children. He also shared his secrets to having a successful marriage with Camila Alves. 

“The only thing I ever knew I wanted to be was a father,” McConaughey shared. He said that he and his wife are trying to raise “autonomous, conscientious and confident individual kids.”

While continuing to write about raising his children, McConaughey said that all three of his children are all very kind. “The only thing I ever knew I wanted to be in life was a dad,” he continued. “And now I am one, and it’s the most honorable vocation or profession I think one can have.”

Meanwhile, Matthew McConaughey shared how he approaches his marriage with Alves. He stated that even more than a decade later, she’s still the only woman he’s ever wanted to take on a date, sleep with, or wake up next to. 

“We both essentially love each for who we are,” McConaughey penned. “And who we were, even before we met. We got married with the pledge of doing this for the long run.”

However, it’s not always rainbows and sunshine, as McConaughey admitted. He noted that marriage can be hard work sometimes. “But those times when it is easy and it is rolling and we’re just like best friends – we don’t make a straight line crooked.”

In regards to what inspired him to write Greenlights to begin with, McConaughey shared he had compiled 35 years’ worth of journals for the project. “I’ve been threatening to go see what all those journals and diaries were about for years,” he declared. “But never had the courage to do so.” 

McConaughey went on to add that as his 50th birthday approached, he decided it was finally time to start compiling the journals.