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Matthew McConaughey Is All Smiles in Throwback Surfing Picture: ‘Paddle Out’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Amanda Edwards/WireImage)

Matthew McConaughey‘s latest share is all smiles and waves with this perfect throwback “paddle out” photo of the Hollywood icon.

If you just saw the comments from fans on this photo, you’d think McConaughey had made a political post. “Run for Governor!” replies dozens of fans of the actor and activist. Seriously, people, let the man throwback to his young days and hashtag his recent book in peace! Not everything has to be political. Or does it?

In the shot, we see a younger Matthew McConaughey as he preps to hang ten in some remarkably blue ocean waters. His board is rocking a killer watermelon color scheme, and the star is all smiles within. “Paddle out,” he captions, before hashtagging his Greenlights book.

Check out the shot for yourself below, courtesy of McConaughey’s official Twitter:

Looks like pure joy, right, alright, alright? But fans are determined to get the man to stop smiling and start campaigning.

“Please run for Governor. Just say you like kids and don’t like viruses. You don’t need to change anything else,” replies Texan David W. Others follow, but David wins most passionate attempt.

Yet unlike the photo itself seems to imply, Matthew McConaughey hasn’t been surfing all his life. In fact, he didn’t start until he was to star in his 2008 comedy hit, Surfer, Dude.

“I started surfing for this movie, actually. This was two years ago, and now I’m completely hooked,” he told Men’s Journal in 2010. “It might sound corny, but I’ve never had a bad time surfing.”

Matthew McConaughey is an Outsider

When asked what he loves about surfing in particular, McConaughey gave a three-part answer. We’re sensing an alright, alright, alright pattern, here.

“I love being out there, I love the culture, I love being outside,” the icon and Outsider answer. “I just love it, man.”

Fair enough. From the sound of it, McConaughey had some fantastic teachers during his Surfer, Dude time, as well.

“Keith Malloy is my surf double for the film, so I’ve been surfing with him a lot,” he offers. “But my main guy is Strider Wasilewski—he’s such a good teacher and a good friend to me, man. He’s a hell of a surfer, too, he rips.”

Yet as much of a natural fit for surfing as Matthew McConaughey seems, the star admits he “was pretty frustrated at first. Shit, man, it’s a hell of a workout.”

And if you’re here reading this article, then there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t have seen Surfer, Dude yet. The comedy hit in 2008, and only gets better with age. But here, allow the man himself to sell you on the project:

“It’s an indie film we had to finance ourselves. It’s a six-million-dollar movie, but you have to understand that all the actors worked for scale, we all lived in trailers for a few months. Shit, it’s just a surf flick about a summer with no waves… Me, Woody [Harrelson], and Willie [Nelson] had a blast making it.”

Sold? Sold.