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Matthew McConaughey Tributes Mississippi State Coach Mike Leach After His Sudden Death

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

In the wake of football coach Mike Leach’s death, there have been a lot of stories and moments shared online, even from Matthew McConaughey. The Hollywood star knows about everyone there is to know. It is no surprise that he had a connection with the Pirate.

It was shocking to hear the news that Leach, 61, had passed away. The Mississippi State head football coach died on Tuesday morning after a massive heart attack on Sunday. He was a man who lived and breathed football, spending 35 years in the profession.

Matthew McConaughey shared a photo of himself and Leach hanging out. A conversation between those two could go anywhere. I’m sure they had some interesting talks together.

“My friend Mike Leach moved on yesterday. One of the most curious, inventive, independent minded wild men to ever walk the earth. He was a gem like no other. Put a prayer up there for his wife Sharon and their kids,” the actor wrote on Twitter.

The college football world was shocked at the news of Leach’s death. He was one of the most original and unique characters in all of sports. Not only that, he was truly remarkable at his job, helping revolutionize the sport on the offensive side of the ball.

Matthew McConaughey Loves College Football

It is no wonder that Matthew McConaughey would have a connection with Mike Leach. The actor loves football, college football especially. While he is a Texas Longhorn, McConaughey has an appreciation for all things college football and tries to show it off whenever he can.

Texas will soon be in the SEC and will be playing Mississippi State among others. Unforutnately, that won’t be with Mike Leach at the helm of the program. Known for his iconic interviews and responses to the media, it isn’t hard to understand why the football coach made an impact on so many people.

There are folks out there that just have that personality and the charisma that separates them apart from everyone else. Whether it is Matthew McConaughey waxing poetic like some kind of suntanned philosopher or Mike Leach talking about the best Halloween candies – it’s what makes life fun.