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Matthew McConaughey on Troy Aikman’s New Beer: ‘This Is Gonna Work’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Adam Davis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Matthew McConaughey Endorsement of Troy Aikman Beer

  • McConaughey and his taste buds gave Aikman’s new beer a big, smacking thumbs up.
  • Currently, the beer is for Texans only. Or, if you’re visiting the state, you can pick up a six pack.
  • Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback is conducting tasting events at bars around the state.

Matthew McConaughey provided the best sort of endorsement for Troy Aikman and his new beer.

The native Texan gave this naturalized Texan (and Lone Star icon) a big thumbs after taking a long swig of the new beer and smacking his lips in pleasure. This sort of publicity is priceless.

Aikman posted a video clip of Matthew McConaughey enjoying the newest adult beverage on the market. Aikman captioned the clip: “Texas icon approved.” (We should agree to this detail. Both men are Texan icons. One won an Oscar for Best Actor, the other quarterbacked the Cowboys to three Super Bowl victories).

Looking straight into the camera, McConaughey says “That’s going to work. That’s going to work, especially in the summertime, which is coming time. Thank you Troy. This is damn good beer.”

Damn good beer would make a damn fine bumper sticker. Take a glance at the Matthew McConaughey video, then join us on the other side for some key details about Troy Aikman and his new beverage of choice.

Aikman Needed Matthew McConaughey to Endorse His Texas-Based Beer

Here’s our first big detail about the new Troy Aikman beer he called “EIGHT.” (The name is a nod to the uniform number this Hall of Famers wore when he quarterbacked all those Cowboys games.) It’s a Texas-only kind of beer, at least for now. So you have to be either like Matthew McConaughey and Aikman and live in Texas. Or you happen to be lucky enough to be visiting the Lone Star State.

Aikman announced in January that he now was in the beer business. His company is based in Austin. And Aikman’s big pitch was that this beverage is “better four you beer”

“If we go beyond the borders of Texas,” Aikman told CNBC, “then we’ll all be excited because that means that there’s a need and demand outside the state.”

(Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

Aikman is promoting EIGHT in various beer-drinking establishments in Texas. He shows up for taste testing. Customers are beyond thrilled to glimpse the legend. During the first part of the rollout, Aikman’s beer was available exclusively at bars. But this month, Texans can guy it in stores.

The promotion basically was missing the most important kind of detail. How would the beer taste when you’re out on in the backyard drinking with your friends and neighbors.

That’s where Matthew McConaughey came in. The Austin resident was outside, enjoying the early spring warmth. He was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts, with his hat flipped backwards. It’s all perfect attire for drinking beer.

Fox Sports Erin Andrews was one of the first to reply to Aikman’s Matthew McConaughey video. “What a get,” she wrote.

Another replied: “McConaughey approved = Texas approved. lol Drink 8″