Matthew McConaughey Urges Americans to ‘Meet in the Middle’ on Controversial Issues

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for SXSW)

As Americans prepare to vote in the 2022 elections, Matthew McConaughey urges voters to meet in the middle when it comes to controversial issues, specifically gun control. 

In a new op-ed for Esquire, Matthew McConaughey reflected on the most controversial issues that voters are speaking out about in the upcoming election. This includes gun control, which McConaughey reflects on the mass shooting in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas. “I’m sickened by the spate of mass shootings in America,” McConaughey declared. “Especially those at schools, which are supposed to be some of the safest of spaces for our children and the closest extensions of our homes.” 

McConaughey then said that the school shooting in his hometown felt more difficult and personal. “Now, for the first time, my innocent childhood memories of Uvalde felt naive,” he explained. “More like dreams than memories, slightly hazy and suddenly overly sacred. Times like these make us feel a bit more foolish. We hug our kids a little longer, knowing their innocence won’t last as long as ours did, hoping their children won’t know the same.” 

Matthew McConaughey further spoke about his support for the Second Amendment. How he believed that Americans should have access to guns for hunting, sport, and self-defense. “I believe all firearm purchases should be subject to an extensive background check, and unless you’re in the military, you should be 21 to purchase an assault rifle. I believe that extreme risk protection orders, or ‘red-flag laws,’ that respect due process should be the law of the land and that firearm-safety courses should be mandatory.” 

Matthew McConaughey Believes Second Amendment Rights Have Been ‘Hijacked’ By Men With ‘Bad Intent’ 

Matthew McConaughey continued his op-ed by pointing out that his friends and neighbors in Texas agree with his position. He believes that the Second Amendment rights have been “hijacked” by troubled men with bad intent.

“It seems we have forgotten that our rights come from obligations,” McConaughey stated. “What’s more, that our rights depend on our fulfillment of those obligations. To do nothing is more than irresponsible; it’s un-American. Our firearm policy is failing us, and we are failing it.”

Matthew McConaughey previously scheduled around 30 meetings in D.C. and spoke with lawmakers about gun control. Fox News reported that by June 12th, Senators Chris Murphy and John Cornyn introduced new legislation. Which was dubbed the first federal gun reform in close to 30 years. The actor further explained that U.S. politicians have “lost sight” of their “values and visions” through the years. 

“It seems that each party is so harmfully consumed by despising the opposition that they’ve become little more than counterpunches,” he added. “So focused on the parry and the party defense that they’ve become reactive by default. They’ve lost sight of their own values and vision, thereby ceding their power to the fringes. That’s a problem.”