Matthew McConaughey Weighs In on His Super Bowl Commercial

by Maggie Schneider

In a new interview, Matthew McConaughey discusses his new Super Bowl Commercial for Salesforce. Here’s what it’s all about.

Matthew McConaughey is sharing some more words of wisdom in his latest commercial. The actor stars in Salesforce’s latest campaign, #TeamEarth. In its Super Bowl advertisement, the software company is calling on individuals and business to live and work more sustainably. McConaughey, dressed as an astronaut, is a bit bored by space and realizes that planet Earth already has so much to offer us.

With a bit of comedy and some rhymes, the actor calls on viewers to focus on restoring the planet.

“It’s time to build more trust. It’s time to make more space for all of us. So while the others look to the metaverse and Mars, let’s stay here and restore ours. Yeah, it’s time to blaze our trail. ‘Cause the new frontier? It ain’t rocket science. It’s right here.”

Matthew McConaughey Weighs In

As Salesforce’s brand advisor, McConaughey says that he is not against “pioneering space.” Instead, the advertisement is meant to encourage humanity to rethink our values on Earth.

“We’re not saying we’re against pioneering space. We had our little fun, and we completely mean that. But what we’re also saying is we’re not ready to quit on our home team, which is us, right here. Our humanity is on our home field — Earth — right now,” he says.

McConaughey adds that we need to solve the problems occurring on our own planet before focusing on another. For instance, It is in our best interest to create a sustainable future.

“Let’s talk about what else we’re selling,” he continues. “We’re selling the values among us right here on Earth, which is sustainability. If we don’t fix our values among us here, where the hell are we going to be? If and when we get to outer space, are we going to take the same problems we have now to another planet? That’s not too smart. We need to fix what we’ve got here first. That’s in everyone’s interest.”

Finally, he tells Fox Business that Salesforce wishes to fight climate change with its #TeamEarth campaign. They are committed to growing and restoring 1 trillion trees by 2030. The commercial is about utilizing technology to save the planet.

“No, we’re not against technology … or space travel. But we need to have technology with the right soul. We need to use technology for any exploration the right way.”

“We need to think about restoring the resources we need on our planet. If we don’t fix and restore the best here on Earth between us right now, what product are we going to be exporting when we get to space?”