Matthew McConaughey Explains Why America Needs a Balance Between New and Old ‘Narratives’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Kirby Lee/Getty Images)

Legendary actor Matthew McConaughey is all over the place these days. While he continues to star in big-time roles, like “Sing 2” that he is out currently promoting, not too long ago questions were swirling as to whether or not the uber-popular McConaughey would run for governor of the state of Texas. Ultimately, as you might know, Outsiders, McConaughey elected not to run for office at the present time.

On the Today show this morning, McConaughey said that “It was time for a new chapter.” In the interview, McConaughey continues to talk about what that new chapter looks like for him as he looks to expand his horizons. However, he says, “Right now, most important thing on my plate is fatherhood.”

Speaking of those three children, McConaughey talks about why fatherhood has made him think about the future more than he used to. Children changed his perspective a bit. “I want to keep telling stories,” McConaughey said. This bit was important because he follows that with where he believes his leadership is best suited which is in that particular area at the present time.

McConaughey mentions that America needs to find a new narrative, one that blends with the old and understands that “the story is still being written” as we live. He hasn’t solved how to do that he says, but he is “working on it.”

Matthew McConaughey on His Acting Change

McConaughey is one of the more successful stars in Hollywood over the past few decades. Early on, though, he starred in countless romantic comedies. He was a box-office hit in those kinds of films, but something eventually changed.

McConaughey told the New York Times, “I’m still in the midst of a turning point. Movies, I was playing another part, someone else’s script, directed by someone else, edited by someone else, and a year later it’s packaged. That’s four filters from my raw expression. The book was one filter: the written word. Interacting with you, David, this is no filter except Zoom. I believe if you just live the truth, that’s as dynamic as it can get. It’s the meta idea of “Star in your own movie, and that’s life.” Where “action” was called the day you were born and “cut” will be called the day you die — maybe? Whoa. “

Matthew McConaughey wanted to expand his horizons and live his own truth.

He concluded, “When I do the best performance in a movie, I tap into what’s most myself in that role. So, do you need another name and wardrobe and someone else’s script to tap in further? What about the monologue with myself? What if that’s the dialogue?” He takes movies seriously and perhaps that’s what sparked the change.

He continued, “What if that’s the performance in this life? How can I live? Can that be my greatest art? How do I become living art? That’s what I’m discovering.”

His priorities have changed, and they continue to change. McConaughey is continuing to evolve and learn and figure out what’s next.