Matthew McConaughey and Wife Camila Celebrate Both Being on the NY Times Bestseller List

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey and his talented wife Camila are living the ultimate power couple dream. As of this morning, both of them have a book on the New York Times Best Seller list.

Matthew has been on the coveted list for an astonishing 65 weeks now. His book Greenlights hit the top ten almost instantly. And Camila’s children’s book Just Try One Bite, which she released on March 22, hit the charts this morning.

So naturally, the two are celebrating. And to spread the news, Camila posted a video on Instagram.

“I am crashing the PARTY!!” she wrote alongside a clip of the two musing about the accomplishment. ” This week we were BOTH ON THE NY TIMES BESTSELLER LIST TOGETHER!!! BUT truth be told he’s been there for 65 weeks and sold over 3 million copies of #GreenlightsBook. BUT we are having a tequila together on me being a 1st timer on the list! And there at the same time with completely different projects @nytimes #JustTryOneBite the book! If you don’t have it yet time to order for the child in your life!!”

But while the two are both successful writers, they’ve written completely different works.

Matthew’s Book is an Introspective Personal Memoir and Camila’s is Fun Children’s Classic

Matthew’s Greenlights is a personal memoir about his journey to find his purpose in life. And the pages are filled with philosophical banter that almost acts as self-help advice to those on the same path.

“I’m not afraid to go down ’em. But the book spoke to more than just the male psyche,” he told The New York Times. “It spoke to the human condition. We’re all adrift right now. Give me some purpose. What is the American dream? Oh, that. Ha! We aren’t believing that it can come true because we’re also seeing, daily, wait a minute, I had the inspiration, but there was nothing to aspire to. I got the hope, but what is that? Another thing: I’m rah-rah-ing on Sunday just so I can make it through the week because Monday through Saturday is a fog?”

Interestingly, it was Camila who finally got Matthew McConaughey to sit down and write Greenlights. And she insisted that he give the book his full attention. So he headed out to the desert and worked on it day and night. Matthew finished in 52 days.

Camila Alves McConaughey’s project is much more lighthearted. Just Take One Bite is a cute twist on battling picky eaters. Instead of the children refusing healthy foods, it’s the parents. And throughout the illustrated short, the kids work to convince their mom and dad to eat their greens.

“It’s not about preaching being perfect,” Camila said of the children’s book. “I know I’m not. I know my household is not. We’ve got a ways to go. It’s about making small changes.”