Matthew McConaughey’s Wife Speaks Out About His Decision Not to Run for Texas Governor

by Caitlin Berard

After months of teasing a campaign, Matthew McConaughey finally denied the rumor that he would run for governor of Texas late last year. In a recent interview with Today, Camila Alves McConaughey, wife of Matthew McConaughey, revealed that she’s happy with this decision.

“Let’s just say that I’m enjoying the time now,” Camila McConaughey said. “I’m just saying, I’m enjoying the time now.”

If you’re thinking, wait, she’s enjoying the time now? What does that mean? Well, when McConaughey denied a near-future in politics, his exact words were that it’s a path that he’s “choosing not take at this moment.”

Though he isn’t pursuing a governor’s seat this year, he’s very clearly leaving the door open for a career in politics in the future. In fact, when asked to confirm what Camila might have been hinting at, the beloved Texan replied, “I’m not going to say no forever. Absolutely not.”

Matthew and Camila McConaughey never fail to show support for each other’s various dreams and projects. We have no doubt that if and when the Dazed and Confused star decides to make a bid for governor, his wife will be right there to cheer him on.

The McConaughey family holds an immense love for the Lone Star state and dedicates a great deal of time to the well-being of their home state. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising in the least to see Governor McConaughey supporting the people of Texas in the future.

Matthew McConaughey and Wife Camila Raise $7M for Texas With Virtual Concert

The McConaugheys’ many efforts to benefit Texas include last year’s virtual benefit concert We’re Texas, held to raise money for victims of the devastating winter storms that ripped through the southern state.

Thanks to McConaughey’s connections in both the film and music industries, the event had an impressive lineup. Major stars such as George Strait, Miranda Lambert, Post Malone, Willie Nelson, and Kacey Musgraves all gave their talents to help. The best part is, every single artist featured on the benefit was a Texas native.

The virtual event aired on both Matthew McConaughey‘s YouTube Channel and Spectrum News 1 in Texas. The We’re Texas benefit has since racked up more than half a million views and raised $7.7 million. And every penny of that money was put to use by the McConaugheys’ just keep livin Foundation’s Texas Relief Fund.

In an interview with The Tonight Show, McConaughey said, “All the money that’s gonna be able to be donated is going to great non-profits on the ground. But…these people that I called up, in thirty seconds, every one of them goes, ‘I’m in. Tell me what and when and how to do it.'”