Matthew McConaughey’s Wife Takes Nasty Spill Down Stairs, in Neck Brace

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage)

Camila Alves McConaughey, the wife of Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey, revealed on Thursday (November 10th) that she recently fell while walking down the stairs. In an Instagram post, Matthew McConaughey’s wife shared an image of herself wearing a neck brace. “Sh** Happens,” she captioned the post. “I am ok but… Don’t fall people… don’t fall…”

She also offered some keen advice on how to avoid a nasty fall like the one she had. “Ladies hold your long dresses up or lose pants up when going by down the stairs!! wind blew mine as I was midair, pant fabric wrapped around my shoe and down the floor I went… A silly fall, turned into not so silly neck situation, recovery time ahead…”

Following the news about the injury, friends and fans of Matthew McConaughey offered some sympathy and words of encouragement. Actress Rita Wilson declared, “Oh Oh no!!!!!!! Im so sorry!” While Isla Fisher added, “Still looking beautiful.”

Matthew McConaughey’s Wife Reveals She and the Actor Do Not Remember Their Wedding Date 

During a March 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila admitted that she and the Hollywood star do not remember their wedding date. “Matt and I are not good with dates with our marriage,” Camila admitted. “We go back and forth all the time.”

Camila, who married Matthew McConaughey in 2012, recalled one conversation about the wedding dates. “I had my tequila already and I was just feeling very feisty and I was going back to Matt like, ‘No, you got the date wrong,’” she explained. “And he goes, ‘No, you got the date wrong.’ We’re going back and forth and my friend wanted a beer, so I’m looking for a beer and I had one of the koozies. I opened the drawer to grab a koozie and right there — I started cracking up so bad — it was a koozie from our wedding, and both Matthew and I were wrong.”

Matthew McConaughey’s wife also said that she needed someone to write down the date. Although they have been married for over a decade now, Camila said that they didn’t hit it off when they first met. “I had just six months, maybe seven months before, [broken up] with somebody in the industry, an actor actually. I was just terrified of anybody in the industry. So when he actually invited me to have margaritas, I was like, ‘No thank you. Nope, nope, I’m good. I’m going to sit right here.’ I’m turning my back to the table, but he got up, came over and talked.”

Despite the first impressions, Camila and Matthew eventually worked through everything and became engaged on Christmas Day in 2011. They were married in 2012.