Matthew McConaughey’s Newest Movie Gets Scrapped Weeks Before Starting Production

by Suzanne Halliburton

Matthew McConaughey was supposed to start work on a new movie next month. But the studio has pulled the plug on the project.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Skydance no longer will move forward with the movie Dallas Sting. The movie told the story of the Sting, a girls soccer club based in Dallas. It started in the 1970s with the help of Lamar Hunt, who also owned the Kansas City Chiefs. And for a decade, the squad competed in international competitions, representing the United States. The real-life team traveled to China in October 1984. The Sting beat squads from China, Australia and Japan. They then defeated Italy in the final.

By 1985, the U.S. officially fielded its own national team. In 1991, the FIFA tournament became the women’s World Cup.

Movie Cast Matthew McConaughey As Coach of Soccer Team

The studio cast Matthew McConaughey to play Bill Kinder, the coach of the team. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn Dever was cast to play McConaughey’s daughter. Dever is one of the top young actors in Hollywood. She got her big start playing Eve Baxter on the Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing.

The idea of the movie was solid, as was the casting. Plus, soccer is huge with millions of young girls competing for club teams or representing their schools, so the movie had a built-in audience. But the Hollywood Reporter, quoting unnamed sources, said producers recently received “disturbing allegations surrounding aspects of the true story on which the drama was based.” Skydance representatives didn’t comment in the THR story. 

A source told THR that Skydance invested time and money in the audition process. They hired real soccer players who could be taught to act. GLOW creators Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch wrote the script. The movie was going to be juxtaposed against the historical setting of President Ronald Reagan opening relations with China.

Matthew McConaughey portrayed a coach in the 2006 movie, We Are Marshall. Here he is with some of the cast to celebrate the premiere. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

McConaughey Also Played a Coach in We Are Marshall

Matthew McConaughey has played a coach in a previous movie. Back in 2006, he played coach Jack Lengyel in the movie We Are Marshall. The movie told the story of how Marshall restarted its football program following a horrific plane crash in November 1970 that killed 74 people. The crash killed the head coach and 37 players. Lengyel took over the program in 1971 and needed to recruit athletes from other sports on campus.

Matthew McConaughey wasn’t the only person disappointed by the movie to stall the project. The Hollywood Reporter said a source told the outlet that the story of the Dallas Sting should be told. But after investigating the allegations, the studio pulled the plug.

The actor, who lives in Austin, is busy with other projects. He narrated an ESPN story about the first win this season by the Uvalde High School football team. Matthew McConaughey is from Uvalde and he’s been championing the town and its residents. Back in May, a shooter killed 19 elementary school students and two teachers.