‘Mayberry R.F.D’: Goober Pyle Actor George Lindsey Spoke Out on Lack of Support from Parents as a Child

by Will Shepard

The Andy Griffith Show was the shining star of 1960s television. Consequently, CBS – the host network – knew that there was more money to be made. So, the executives decided to make a spin-off series. Mayberry R.F.D started right as its original show ended.

One of the stars of Mayberry R.F.D was George Lindsey. He continued to play Goober Pyle in the new series. He was still the lovable, spacey, comical, and hard-working character that fans had fallen in love with.

It was a continuation of success that Lindsey found in The Andy Griffith Show. But life was not always easy for Lindsey.

The “Mayberry R.F.D” Star Did Not Always Have the Support of His Parents For Acting

The star of Mayberry R.F.D knew that he wanted to pursue acting from a young age. He was easily the most talented actor when grew up. Lindsey was so talented that he said he won every talent show award he competed for as a child.

Nonetheless, he didn’t always have the support of his parents. In an interview from 2010 with Smashing Interviews Magazine, Lindsey described his youth.

Melissa Parker asked him about whether or not his parents thought that acting was a good pursuit. His response is certainly enough to pull on your heart strings.

“My mother and daddy divorced a long time ago and were poor, so there wasn’t any support to it. But, I was going to do it regardless,” Lindsey explained.

If he couldn’t get a direct line to acting, he had to get creative. So instead, he went into the military.

“I joined the Air Force – figured if I went into the service I could get the G.I. bill,” the star of Mayberry R.F.D said. “The American Theatre accepted people who were on the G.I. bill. So, that’s how I got into acting school. It was a plan.

However, for those people that didn’t get their parents’ support growing up, this is relatable. Be that as it may, it is certainly a hard thing to deal with during your youth.

The Mayberry R.F.D star got back into working on the stage once he got out of the military. But, he turned to nightclubs to make money before getting onto the stage. This worked, though. Lindsey was able to cultivate a diverse set of skills. Eventually, those skills lent themselves useful when he auditioned for The Andy Griffith Show. And then, he got to flex his acting ability further on the spin-off series.