‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Cast Describes Show in Just Three Words

by Matthew Memrick

Hey, “Mayor of Kingstown” cast, can you come up with three words to describe the show? 

If you accept the fun little challenge, don’t repeat any answers!

Members of the cast got together to describe the show before Sunday’s big premiere. The Twitter thread did not have lead actors Jeremy Renner and Kyle Chandler in the mix, but we’ll let that slide.

The show’s first episode is Sunday, Nov. 14 at 9 p.m. on Paramount. It will run for over one hour and with a rerun of the latest episode of “Yellowstone” afterward.

Just a quick synopsis tease to the show here. It’s all about a Michigan family in Kingstown who is the town’s powerbrokers. The town’s only business is prisons. The show will address themes of systematic racism, corruption, and inequality on both sides of the prison walls. Also, there’s an element bringing order and justice to a lawless town. 

Words, Words, Words For “Mayor of Kingstown”

Show co-creator and executive producer Hugh Dillon weighed in first because he’s got a lot of skin in the game on this show.

Dillon, who plays Ian on the show, said, “poetic, explosive and authentic.” 

Fellow actor Tobi Bamtefa, credited as Crips boss Bunny at IMDb, called the show “A, Must, Watch.” 

Nishi Munshi, who plays Tracy McClusky in the show, called it “intense, raw and relevant.”

Jason E. Kelley summed up the show with “Crime family business.” Kelley plays Tim Weaver in the show.

Louisiana-born Natasha Marc had powerful words, saying the show was “suspenseful, treacherous and riveting.” She plays Cherry, a female inmate at the women’s prison.

Longtime series actor Michael Beech will play Police Captain Kareem Moore, one of the prison captains in Kingstown. Beech, who’s appeared in “SEAL Team” and “S.W.A.T.” recently, shares a Golden Globe award with the 1994 movie “Short Cuts” cast. He said the show was “quality, shocking and hardcore.”

Finally, Pha’rez Lass rounds out the group, likening the show to “riveting, eloquent and pure.” Oops, Pha’rez, you repeated Natasha Marc! But we get the point. 

Nichole Galicia told prospective fans, “don’t miss it.” She plays Rebecca, Mike’s (Renner) fiercely loyal assistant.

But Lass gets a pass, elaborating on the show’s “pull-you-in” factor and adding that it’s a “captivating story.” He calls it eloquent because he likes its clear and concise writing. The actor said, “it’s revealing in the truth of these people who do these things on a consistent basis.” Finally, he calls it pure because he likes the actors’ art, writing, and cinematography. 

You kind of get the impression that these actors loved being a part of the show already.

The entertainment website Deadline’s got a few more cast member descriptions here.