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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Co-Creator Provides Big Updates on Jeremy Renner Injury, Future of Series

by Shelby Scott
Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky 'Mayor of Kingstown'
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Mayor of Kingstown just returned for its season two debut. However, things for star Jeremy Renner were off to a rocky start even before its premiere. Renner kicked off the new year facing off with a snow plow that initially left him in critical condition. In fact, his injuries were so severe he was airlifted to the hospital. Now, two weeks after Renner sustained the injuries, Mayor of Kingstown‘s co-creator isn’t just speaking out about the TV star’s recovery. He’s also detailing what fans of the drama can expect heading deeper into season two and potentially into season three.

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Co-creator and star Hugh Dillon spoke with Deadline in a new interview about Mayor of Kingstown‘s progress. He specifically mentioned how the new season will deal with the events of season one’s finale. Also, he shared what he knows about star Jeremy Renner’s injury and how the incident from earlier this month might impact the show’s schedule if Dillon and co-creator Taylor Sheridan decide to strive for a third season.

What Fans Can Expect Moving Forward:

Jumping into the brand new season, the Mayor of Kingstown star said of the cast, “If anything, everyone is hyper vigilant. It’s more intimate. We’re looking at why these characters do what they do. We’re really steering into what’s triggering these people who are predisposed to their most darkest impulses.”

In regard to the show’s future following the new season, the Ian actor continued, “Taylor and I have multiple ideas for multiple seasons. If everything went according to plan with Paramount+ and the rest of it, I would think that we’d start [on Season 3] in August, September, maybe pre-production in the summer.”

Filming for season three, however—should Mayor of Kingstown see renewal—all depends on Jeremy Renner’s physical condition.

Mayor of Kingstown’s Hugh Dillon Provides Positive Jeremy Renner Update

As stated, Dillon not only spoke about the future of Mayor of Kingstown following the season two premiere, but he also reflected on Jeremy Renner’s snowplow accident. In addition, he briefly detailed his work alongside the headlining actor overall

With Renner providing regular updates since the accident, Dillon said, “I heard about it from one of the other producers. I saw it on the news, and then he sent me a video.”

Of the actor’s overall demeanor, the TV star continued, “[Renner is] very funny. I just think the world of that guy, and I’m happy he’s surrounded by his family. Anything we can do to help, we will. That’s the biggest thing. He’s like family.”

Amid his recovery, Jeremy Renner’s sister Kim also provided an extremely positive update. She said, “We are so thrilled with his progress. If anyone knows Jeremy, he is a fighter and doesn’t mess around. He is crushing all the progress goals. We couldn’t feel more positive about the road ahead.”