‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Co-Creator Talks Partnering With Taylor Sheridan

by Keeli Parkey

The new series “Mayor of Kingstown” premieres on Sunday, Nov. 14. It will be streaming on the Paramount+ network. The day before the debut of what promises to be a very interesting series is the perfect to dive into the background of the show.

To do so, let’s start with a look at another very popular drama.

“Yellowstone” is one of the most compelling series on television right now. And when you think about a creative mind behind the popular series, you most likely think about Taylor Sheridan.

However, Sheridan did not create “Yellowstone” on his own. He was a co-creator with John Linson on that famous project. So, when it came time to create another series – outside of the “Yellowstone” universe – the 51-year-old Sheridan decided to join forces with someone he knew.

This new project is the highly-anticipated drama “Mayor of Kingstown.” For this project, Sheridan chose to collaborate with 58-year-old actor Hugh Dillon.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Co-Creator Hugh Dillon Refers to Taylor Sheridan as a ‘Force of Nature’

During a recent interview with TV Insider, Dillon talked about how his collaboration with Sheridan on “Mayor of Kingstown” came to be.

“Well, I mean, you know, Taylor (Sheridan) was originally my acting coach 15 years ago in (Los Angeles),” Hugh Dillon shared.

While Dillon and Sheridan were working together as acting teacher and pupil, they would talk about the projects they would like to create one day, according to Dillon.

“This show, for us now, is about – as creative people – dreams and perseverance,” Dillon said of their new show, “Mayor of Kingstown.” “He would coach me and then we would talk about, ‘What if you could make a show? What if you could do whatever you wanted? What would you do?”

To create a show, Hugh Dillon turned to his past. He specifically drew from his where he spent his childhood growing up. He shared this experience with Taylor Sheridan.

“And I was like, ‘I grew up in this town that had nine penitentiaries – maximum, medium, women’s pen,” Dillon recalled.

Dillon would go on to share more with Sheridan. “And I would bring in things that I hadn’t thought about in years. Like growing up in a town where as a child I would see the guard tower and I’d think it’s Disneyland and it’s the polar opposite of Disneyland. It’s the most brutal, ruthless place in our society and it’s hidden,” he also shared.

Eventually, Dillon and Sheridan joined forces to create “Mayor of Kingstown.” Their work together has shown Dillon what Sheridan can do.

“You know, he was my coach for a reason. Because I knew he is a force of nature. But then, to build a world together with just the two of us was fascinating,” Dillon also said.