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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Completely Changed the Game With Shocking Death

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Taylor Sheridan knows how to set up a show. Mayor of Kingstown got things going with a shocking death in the premiere episode. Mike McLusky played by Jeremy Renner is going to have a busy time in the town run by the prison industry.

From the jump, we know that Mike, Kyle, and Mitch are brothers. Mitch is the mayor of the town and that comes with a lot of pressure. Things get going early when Vera ends up following Vera to the strip club she works at. Then he follows her home and ends up killing her and taking the map that showed where the Russian mob money was.

Once he has the map, he ends up going to Mitch’s office where it leads. Alberto holds the mayor at gunpoint and demands the money. Mitch has no issue and hands it over, but the thief doesn’t want a witness. He shoots him in the back of the head, killing him.

Now we have two deaths right at the beginning and Mike and Kyle are looking for answers immediately. It is almost like Mike falls into an immediate spiral in the wake of his brother’s death. Dealing with the Russian mob isn’t easy and when they take out your brother, who you thought was off-limits, then it turns your world upside down. When you deal with a mafia, you don’t want to find yourself renegotiating deals you thought were already made. Then as the FBI gets involved, things are just getting complicated and quickly.

Mayor of Kingstown is setting up to be another Sheridan success. With Renner as the star and a town of corruption, misery, and a hardened family, viewers are going to take to this one quickly.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Opening Is Everything

As the first episode aired, we got a voiceover from Mike. It gets things going and it sets the mood heading into the series. This is such a great opener and sent chills down my back. Check it out below.

“This is never what I wanted,” Mike begins. “Never where I thought I’d be. But then again, I’d never been anywhere else, and when they sent me away, they just sent me right back here. Every member of my family fights this fight, and so does every family who calls Kingstown home. So do a lot of families who will never call it home, but they live here anyway. … Now it’s up to me to keep the rats in the cage content and the keepers from becoming rats themselves. … I’m the life raft. I’m the mayor of Kingstown.”

So powerful and so appropriate. This show is going to be so good and we can’t wait to see where this season takes Mike and the rest of the McLusky family. So, tune into Mayor of Kingstown this season and see where this new Sheridan project is headed.