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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Creator Says Show Was Inspired by His Hometown

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Stephane Cardinale/Corbis via Getty Images)

Set to debut on November 14, Mayor of Kingstown is looking to be another exciting crime drama. We’ve been receiving a drip of information regarding it lately and one particularly interesting fact is the show is inspired by the creator’s hometown.

TV Insider recently published an article detailing what to expect from the upcoming show. Taking place in Kingstown, Michigan, seven prisons are in very close proximity to one another. With Crips, the Aryan Brotherhood, Russian mobsters, bad cops, and lacking prison guards all within 10 miles of one another, it seems like a recipe for disaster. Fascinatingly enough, one of the creators, Hugh Dillon, said the setting is based on his childhood town of Kingston, Ontario.

Both Dillon and Taylor Sheridan, the mind behind Yellowstone, came up with the idea together roughly a decade ago. Back then, Kingston was similar to the fictional Kingstown, except it had nine prisons instead of seven close to each other. In fact, some of the Mayor of Kingstown scenes use a decommissioned Kingston prison for authenticity.

“Growing up in a place like that does something to you,” Dillon said. While that comment could be directed at the show’s characters, he may be referring to himself.

For those curious about the series, you can watch it on November 14 on Paramount+. “The McLusky family are power brokers tackling themes of systemic racism, corruption, and inequality in Kingstown, Michigan–where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry,” the synopsis reads.

Taylor Sheridan Provides a Teaser of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’

With Mayor of Kingstown set to debut in a little over a week, that means we’ll no doubt be subjected to teasers. Taylor Sheridan happily obliged on that front, giving a sneak peek behind the scenes at the upcoming series a few days ago.

“One town. Seven prisons. And the family that keeps it from exploding,” the tweet ominously reads. In a grisly one-minute trailer, we see that incarceration is a business and the name of the game in the show. Painting a dark picture almost immediately, Emma Laird tells us “Once you enter, you don’t leave. You stay there until you die.”

Laird’s words almost seem to prove true for everyone in the area. “Everyone in this town is involved somehow in the prison,” Jeremy Renner states in the trailer. “They’re either in the prison or they work for the prison.”

The McLusky family wants to maintain peace, but with so many factions and gangs, it’s no doubt difficult. “We’re talking about people who are having to make decisions in very extreme circumstances. It’s a story about humanity,” Tobi Gamtefa announced.

Taylor Sheridan himself rounds out the interview. “It’s wonderfully sentimental and beautiful. It’s a fascinating way to look at a really ineffective, broken system.”