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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Fans Debate Mike’s Standing With His Mother

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)

There is good news for “Mayor of Kingstown” fans. It’s coming back for Season 2 at a later date in 2022. With that, though, fans are going to be treated to more disputes between Mike and his mother on the program. The two have never seen eye to eye on the program and it became a complicated part of the Season 1 storyline. His mother does not like what her sons do. She saw what it did to their father and what ended up happening to Mitch. However, some “Mayor of Kingstown” fans have debated Mike’s standing with his mother.

The user on Reddit wrote, “Does anyone else get the sense that Miriam (played by Dianne West) doesn’t favor or even want Mike (Jeremy Renner) around? When Kyle Chandler’s Mitch was found dead, she and even her youngest Kyle both were amazed it was Mitch and not Mike.” Mike is the biggest wildcard of the three children. He is also the only child who does not want to be the mayor of the town. He wants to hide away in his cabin in the woods. It’s been pushed onto him because of Mitch’s death.

Mike vs. Miriam

Still, the user wonders if his mother even wants him around. Mitch, for his choices, had the sunny, energetic disposition that made him a natural for his job. He was content and happy where he was and what he was doing. Kyle is the same way, but there is a youthful misunderstanding at play for him. Miriam wants Mitch out of there because of who he has been. He bends the rules and has been inside the prison. He’s different than his brothers. Mike is edgier.

This was an interesting perspective. He continued, “This is my first re-watch since the series ended in S1E10… Suddenly it makes sense why Mike doesn’t trust himself, because everyone familiar treats him like a pariah.” You can see how that might have weighed on Mike. The middle child saw how others saw his older brother. He knows how his mom sees him. Mike both want to do the right thing, like help Iris, but he has also known how to work with criminals and help them. He is in a complicated position that drives him to the cabin more often than not.

What’s Next on ‘Mayor Of Kingstown’

Where will the show pick up in Season 2? The final two episodes focused on the prison riots. There were all sorts of damage done and Kyle was lucky to get out of the prison alive. Plus, you have Milo on the run which presents a showdown between Milo and Mike at some point. You can watch “Mayor of Kingstown” on Paramount+.