‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Fans Talk Major Mike vs. Milo Predictions

by Chase Thomas

Now that “Mayor of Kingstown” has been officially renewed for Season 2 on Paramount+ fans are already thinking about where the show will go in the second season. The show concluded Part 1 with a two-part episode that was all about a prison riot. The devastation that it caused. One of those ramifications is Milo. Yes, the crime boss escaped from the prison at the conclusion of the prison riot. Now, “Mayor of Kingstown” fans can’t stop talking about major Mike vs. Milo predictions.

In a new thread on Reddit, folks are wondering how this will all work. One fan wrote on the thread, “At this point I feel like Milo is just going to send in a human remote bomb.” Milo is not a crime boss to be messed with as we’ve seen in the show. His character is quite similar to Littlefinger from “Game of Thrones” years ago with his cunning instincts and cold decisions.

Another user in the thread wrote, “That’s kinda what I think too. Milo clearly has something on the McLuskys and I think he will use it against Mike by threatening to expose Kyle and Mike will have to do what Milo wants to protect Kyle.”

This can be interesting, too. Mike is completely entrenched in the role of mayor. However, Kyle might want out. Because of his family and his child on the way, Season 2 figures to focus on that. Will he choose a different path than his brother and father? He almost died in the prison riot and was visibly shaken after making it out. Is that it for him?

Aidan Gillen on ‘Mayor of Kingstown’

Only time will tell how it all works with Mike vs. Milo. We just know some sort of battle is coming. Gillen told Collider, “It goes back to what I was just saying. If you don’t really see what this guy does or you see him in action, or you just see glimpses of him, from time to time, if you believe what the other people are saying and that seems truthful, then you believe that he does these things.”

He’s been in the shadows. You just know what other folks say about Milo. He has been on the outside looking in.

He concluded, “There’s not really much you can do. If you’re just sitting there in your cell and people are talking about you, that’s all you have to do. I think the trick is to not try to do too much and not try to show how bad you are because you don’t need to.” Milo has had all the time in world to figure out his next move.

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