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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Fans Won’t Be Happy Over Schedule Change

by Leanne Stahulak
Pictured: Kyle Chandler as Mitch and Jeremy Renner as Mike of the Paramount+ series MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN. Photo Cr: Emerson Miller ViacomCBS ©2021 Paramount+, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Taylor Sheridan fans so far seem to love “Mayor of Kingstown,” a Paramount Plus original that started airing episodes on Nov. 14.

The show aired just one week after Sheridan’s highly successful Western “Yellowstone” debuted its fourth season. “Yellowstone” only airs on the Paramount Network cable channel at 8 p.m. EST, and for the past few weeks, “Mayor of Kingstown” has debuted a new episode right after it at 9 p.m.

But starting this week, that’ll no longer be the case. Fans who went straight from watching “Yellowstone” to “Mayor of Kingstown” won’t be able to find it on the cable channel anymore. Starting Nov. 28, “MOK” will only be available on Paramount Plus.

According to Country Living, the President and CEO of MTV Entertainment Group, Chris McCarthy, released a statement about the shift from cable to streaming only.

Mayor of Kingstown is the #1 original scripted drama on Paramount+ since its rebrand and the number-one new scripted cable premiere since Yellowstone in 2018,” McCarthy said in a press release. “More importantly, it’s already outpacing Yellowstone in key demos … which is why we’re confident our franchise strategy is working and Mayor of Kingstown will continue to thrive after it moves exclusively to Paramount+ on November 28th.”

This was a clever move on MTV and Paramount’s part. “Yellowstone” has huge traction on cable. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that fans of one show immediately flocked to the other. Now, fans are hooked on the first three episodes. And the network can lure them into a Paramount Plus subscription so they can keep watching.

The strategy’s already proven successful. Just a few days after the “MOK” premiere, Paramount Plus saw a tremendous boost in subscribers.

Paramount Plus Adds One Million Subscribers After ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Premiere

On Wednesday, Nov. 17, ViacomCBS announced incredible new milestones for its streaming service, Paramount Plus. Not only did it add more than one million new subscribers after the “Mayor of Kingstown” release. But it also set a new record for total signups since rebranding. And they set records for most hours streamed and the “highest level of subscriber engagement” to date.

In the press release, President and CEO of ViacomCBS Streaming Tom Ryan said a few words about the “most successful week” for Paramount Plus.

“This week we ushered in a mix of must-see originals, a blockbuster family film, and top-tier sports that appealed to the whole household. This is a content strategy we will continue to lean into as we invest in scaling Paramount+,” Ryan said. “The remarkable levels of engagement we are seeing are a testament to the power of great storytelling on the service. And the sheer breadth and depth of our content offering.”

Make sure you tune into “Yellowstone” tonight on the Paramount Network. And don’t miss “Mayor of Kingstown” exclusively on Paramount Plus.