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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Jeremy Renner ‘Suits Up’ as Iconic Character for His Daughter on Halloween

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Star of Mayor of Kingstown and former Marvel superhero, Jeremy Renner had to “suit up” at the request of his daughter this Halloween. Like any good dad, he obliged.

Over on Instagram, Renner posted a video showing himself getting ready. Masked up, he had on a very familiar-looking bomber jacket. You can also see his bow and quiver in the short 14 seconds. Looks like he is back as his Marvel character, Hawkeye.

“I couldn’t say no to my daughter and her friends! SUIT up once again,” Renner captioned his post. He also included a few bow and arrow and pumpkin emojis.

There were so many fans and friends applauding his decision. Who wouldn’t suit back up as their superhero character along with the accurate gear? I’d use every excuse to break out the bow if I was Renner. It seems that his daughter and her friends were rather convincing though. This is just a great dad moment.

Marvel is the biggest thing in the world. The franchise has grown so large it is unreal. Jeremy Renner is part of that legacy. More recently, however, Renner is set to star in Mayor of Kingstown His role in the show has garnered a lot of attention. Season one has finished shooting and there have been some teasers for fans. There is a lot of hype behind this and Renner is making the most of it.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 1 Filming is Complete

At the end of September, the filming for season one of Mayor of Kingstown finished up. The show the latest from Taylor Sheridan is going to debut on Paramount+. It is going to be another expansion in the Sheridan-verse. Fans are eagerly waiting for the premiere.

When the show does premiere it is going to be in a great night of back-to-back Sheridan series. Paramount will debut Mayor of Kingston after the second episode of season 4 of Yellowstone. There are going to be 10-episodes on the season. Viewers will watch the McLusky family as they use their power and influence in Kingstown, Michigan to do as they please. In a trailer for the upcoming season, things got a bit dark.

“Wherever you’re from, you should go back,” Renner says. “You won’t make it here.” It shows dark scenes such as the giant jail. Guns, gangsters, SWAT teams, shady characters, it’s all there. The show is going to be intense and tackle heavy topics such as racism and inequality.

Sheridan once again has packed a show full of top-tier actors from the film. This series looks to be the next success from the show writer and producer. Mayor of Kingstown looks like it is going to pull a lot of eyes and deliver on the drama.