‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Officially Begins Production on Season 2

by Samantha Whidden

Just a little over two months after it was renewed by Paramount+, Taylor Sheridan’s “Mayor of Kingstown” has begun production on season 2. 

Hugh Dillon, the co-creator, executive producer, and series regular of “Mayor of Kingstown,” took to his Instagram late last week to announce the exciting season 2 news. “MOK Season 2 on the ground in Pittsburgh. Location scouting with Vlad W.”

According to IMDb, “Mayor of Kingstown” is about the McLusky family. They are power brokers tackling themes of system racism, corruption, and inequality in Kingstown, Michigan. The city is where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry. 

Starring in “Mayor of Kingstown” is Dillon, Jeremy Renner, Taylor Handley, and Dianne West. The series premiered in November 2021 and the first season had 10 episodes. There hasn’t been any news about when the season 2 will premiere.

Jeremy Renner Opened Up About Working on the Set of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ 

Prior to the first season’s premiere of “Mayor of Kingstown,” the star of the series, Jeremy Renner, spoke to Parade about what it was like to work on its set. 

When asked what drew him to his “Mayor of Kingstown” role, Renner stated, “I don’t know if I was excited as much I was trying to find some ground to stand on. That world was pretty foreign to me. So the first few weeks it was just about putting my feet on the ground. Trying to understand because everything is also written in the shorthand of that world.”

Renner further explained that “Mayor of Kingstown” creator, Taylor Sheridan, was there to help give him a lot of understanding of the “shorthand” of the information. “A lot of it was that. I can’t say there was excitement, it was more about needing to figure out what this world is. It was very foreign to me.”

Renner also spoke that his character’s persona of needing to be in control of everything is a “chink” in the armor. “You become a puppet when you can be manipulated by caring for somebody or protecting somebody. That would be the reason he gets out of control.”

When asked if his character really wants to be in Kingstown, Renner admitted, “No. He doesn’t want to be there bad. But it’s all he knows. There’s a bleakness to the thing. You don’t know what else to do. This is all you know in your life. You grew up in a town of prisons, where everything in the town is about incarceration. What else do you do?”

Renner goes on to add that he considers it “great sadness” when people have an acceptance to environments like Kingstown. “You do what you’ve got to do.”