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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Jeremy Renner Compares Mike to His Other Famous Role

by Jacklyn Krol
MediaPunch/Bauer-Griffin, Getty Images

Mayor of Kingstown star Jeremy Renner believes that his character is similar to another iconic role that he portrayed.

In a new interview with Bleeding Cool, Renner spoke about his character, Mike McClusky, and how he can relate to another one of his characters. His Marvel Avenger role of Clint “Hawkeye” Black also deals with the heavy lifting in the show. While filming Mayor of Kingstown, he also filmed the Disney+ original series, Hawkeye back to back.

“I guess only the sense of trying to keep peace,” he said of the two characters’ comparison. “Maybe the ferocity in the morality, in the code of it all. One’s done in tights and a bow and arrow, and the other one’s done in an ill-fit suit. I think the intentions are always good for both characters of trying to do what’s right and trying to keep peace. I think that would be the through-line.”

Ironically, Renner had no idea that he would have to film both series without a break. Most of the subject matter was quite dramatic and hard to film, making it that much more challenging.

“The idea that both these shows were back to back, I just didn’t realize it until probably halfway through,” he admitted. “I wanted to shift the energy on set because a lot of the stuff we were doing was heavy, right? I remember shifting the off-camera vibe to being a little bit lighter. It kind of weighs on you a bit if that’s all we’re living in. Hawkeye actually helped me to transition the set vibe, if you will, to be maybe a little bit lighter and now you can crack jokes on a set like The Mayor of Kingstown.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ and Taylor Sheridan Connection

Jeremy Renner couldn’t say enough good things about Mayor of Kingstown‘s creator and visionary, Taylor Sheridan. They also worked together on the thriller movie Wind River back in 2017. This marked their first time working together long-term on a television series. He knew from his past work together that the project would be successful based on his work ethic and creative mind.

“Working with Taylor, as I had in the past, it’s that first and foremost, this is based on something it’s truthful and that there’s value, it’s not just entertainment for entertainment’s sake,” he explained. “It’ll be entertaining and thrilling. If it’s a book, you wouldn’t put it down, you’d binge-watch this if you possibly could. I promise you that that will be the case. When I first sat down and said yes to this project, I was already sitting on set and had not read one word yet. I already knew what Taylor was going to put down. I believe in that.”