‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Jeremy Renner Describes Setting as ‘Entering Whole New World’

by Samantha Whidden

With his crime drama series Mayor of Kingstown set to premiere on November 14th, Jeremey Renner is now describing the show’s setting as entering a whole new world for executive producer Taylor Sheridan

During his interview with Looper, the Mayor of Kingstown star revealed that the reason why it’s a very new world for Sheridan is that it’s more of an urban community.

“The issues that lie in the urban communities, or even in this town in they exist, of incarceration, is the business,” Renner declared while chatting with the media outlet. “You’re either inside the prison, or you’re outside the prison. Work for the prison or waiting for someone to come out of the prison.”

Renner goes on to praise the Mayor of Kingstown executive producer for his work on the show. “I think it’s captivating what he’s written. And to challenge himself to understand the issues and associations that happen just inside the prisons and outside the prisons. It’s fascinating to me.”

According to IMDb, Mayor of Kingstown follows the McLusky family. They are “power brokers” that table themes. These are systemic racism, corruption, and inequality in the town of Kingstown, Michigan. The town is where “the business of incarceration” is the only thriving industry.

Starring alongside Renner on Mayor of Kingstown is Dianne Wiest, Kyle Chandler, Derek Webster, Hugh Dillion, and Taylor Handley. The show will premiere on Paramount+. The series will have ten episodes, with the first two premiering on November 14th. The other episodes will be available on Paramount+ weekly on Sundays.

Jeremy Renner Shares More Details About Working Alongside Taylor Sheridan on ‘Mayor of Kingstown’

Also during his interview with Looper, Jeremy Renner shared more details about working alongside Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan on Mayor of Kingstown. “I just love how wonderfully honest his writing is,” Renner proclaimed. “And it comes with the ferocity of his words. And the actions that he uses the words against. It’s violent, as is equally, beautiful.”

The Mayor of Kingstown explains that Sheridan’s yin and yang kind of dialogue, as well as the story, creates a “wonderful” drama. “But it’s always purposeful. Everything is purposeful. There’s no fat in it.”

While continuing to discuss Sheridan’s writing, Renner says it’s like the writing to David and Goliath. He also said it’s like Greek mythology as well. “Just, I think the most pure, raw, I think is really great way to express how Taylor writes.”

Renner goes on to add that if the viewer has seen Wind River, Yellowstone, or any other projects that Sheridan has done, his work is very consistent in everything he does.

Sheridan is known for his work on Yellowstone, as well as Yellowstone’s prequel, 1883. Other projects he is currently working on are Lioness and Fast.