‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Jeremy Renner Reveals He Signed On Without Reading Script

by John Jamison
(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)

A-list superstar Jeremy Renner didn’t need to read a script for Mayor of Kingstown to know he wanted in. That’s the Taylor Sheridan effect in all its glory.

Of course, the pair have been collaborators for years. Still, not even reading the material is quite the vote of confidence for an actor who’s a fixture in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a standalone series on Disney+.

But success speaks for itself. And 2017’s Wind River, written and directed by Taylor Sheridan, certainly earned acclaim. The movie starred Renner alongside his Marvel co-star Elizabeth Olsen and Yellowstone staples Gil Birmingham and Kelsey Asbille. Taylor Sheridan demonstrated enough mastery of the gritty crime drama for Renner to trust his judgment when it came to the new prison-centric series Mayor of Kingstown.

“When I first sat down and said yes to this project, I was already sitting on set and had not read one word yet. I already knew what Taylor was going to put down. I believe in that,” said Renner.

It helps that Renner has kept up with the rest of Sheridan’s work over the years. What’s there not to like? Sicario, Hell or High Water, Yellowstone… Taylor Sheridan’s writing credits are something to behold. Plus, Jeremy Renner himself has a background filled with action-packed crime drama.

Who can forget The Town? A Boston-based bank-robbing saga that Renner compares to Mayor of Kingstown. He likens the depiction of fictional Kingstown, Michigan, to the familiarity an audience feels with Charlestown, Massachusetts when The Town is finished. Then there’s The Hurt Locker, The Bourne Legacy, American Hustle… Sheridan and Renner are clearly a great fit. Why read the script?

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Jeremy Renner Promises Show Is Binge-Worthy

It’s a shame there are currently only three episodes available because Mike McClusky actor Jeremy Renner thinks people would watch multiple seasons of Mayor of Kingstown clean through.

Why? Because considering how much pure entertainment value Sheridan’s able to achieve, he always manages to ground his projects in real-life struggles. In Yellowstone, it’s new vs. old—a sixth-generation homesteader fending off the advances of billion-dollar land developers. In Mayor of Kingstown, it’s law & order vs. corruption—what happens when incarceration becomes a booming business. Jeremy Renner calls that “truth.”

“Working with Taylor, as I had in the past, it’s that first and foremost, this is based on something it’s truthful and that there’s value. It’s not just entertainment for entertainment’s sake. It’ll be entertaining and thrilling. If it’s a book, you wouldn’t put it down. You’d binge-watch this if you possibly could. I promise you that that will be the case,” Renner continued.

The next episode of Mayor of Kingstown will release Sunday night on Paramount+.