‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Star Jeremy Renner Says He Told Jokes on Set to Lighten the Mood

by Chase Thomas

We’re just a few days away from the series premiere for the much-anticipated Mayor of Kingstown premiere on Paramount+. The show, co-created by the man behind the drama Yellowstone, stars both Jeremy Renner and Matt Chandler as brothers. Renner, who folks may know from Bourne Legacy or Hawkeye from the Marvel movies, spoke about what it’s like on set for a show that figures to lean heavily on the darker side of things.

Renner told TV Insider, “It’s pretty harrowing just to be an actor on that set. I had to tell a lot of jokes, ’cause it’s heavy. There’s some scenes I’m so glad I’m not in—I didn’t want to watch all that. Brutal.”

Phew. It certainly sounds like the show is going to be heavy.

The program will center around the two brothers, Mitch and Mike, who work in very odd circumstances in an area with seven prisons in a very short radius. Renner plays the middle brother, Mike, who very much does not want to be there. He does not want to live in this bleak world. He wants to run.

His mother on the show played by Dianne Wiest does not want him in this world, either, saying, “Mike is her favorite. He has the biggest heart, the biggest brain. Her other kids do it because it’s powerful. Mike is honestly trying to help.”

Renner’s Mike is wired differently than Chandler’s Mitch. Mitch appears to enjoy working in this environment of corruption and dealing with the gangs and Aryan Brotherhood and corruption and everything that makes the job what it is. He isn’t looking for an out.

He might be wired like his late father, who the mother ostensibly is still unhappy put the family on this track. Kids are different, though. Mike and Mitch might be brothers, but they are not wired the same.

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ was inspired by creator’s hometown

Where does one get an idea like this one where the setting is so bleak, with prisons and corruption everywhere one looks? Well, Hugh Dillon grew up in a town just like the one viewers will see on November 14.

The story centers around the McLusky family and the power they hold and wield in the area. Specifically, the story centers around the two brothers, played by Chandler and Renner, and everything that comes with the territory. Based on Renner’s comments, it is going to be an edgy drama for folks. The show comes out on November 14 on the Paramount+ app. The minds behind the hit drama Yellowstone created the show.