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‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Teases a High Body Count in New Clip

by Samantha Whidden

Get ready, Mayor of Kingstown fans. The popular new series is now teasing a potential high body count in its upcoming episode through its latest video clip. 

In Mayor of Kingstown’s upcoming episode, which is titled Orion, Kyle and Ian are questioned by internal affairs in the wake of the shootout. Bunny also asks Mike for help from a close family member. 

Nearly every gang and thug in the city’s prison who participated in the beatdown and death of a meth addict is now looking to the Mayor Kingstown to return the favor. Although the death of the addict, who caused the deaths of the mayor’s ex-wife and young son, was considered a “necessary evil,” viewers are now wondering if the death was worth the cost. 

The Mayor of Kingstown premiered last month and has already released four episodes. The show, which was created by Yellowstone’s Taylor Sheridan, Jeremy Renner, Dianne Wiest, Hugh Dillon, and Taylor Handley. All episodes drop on Paramount+ every Sunday.

Jeremy Renner Opens Up About His ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Character 

Following the premiere of Mayor of Kingstown, Jeremy Renner spoke to Collider about his character, Mike McLusky. “There was a lot I had to learn about,” Renner explains. “Within the shorthand of the prison dialogue and what all of this stuff meant. Because it’s spoken so off-the-cuff and slang-like.”

The Mayor of Kingstown star further explained that the audience may get behind on some of the dialogue. “The more we make sense of it and we show it, then they’ll get what we’re talking about.”

Renner also spoke about how Mayor of Kingstown creator, Taylor Sheridan writes the storylines and characters. “Taylor writes it that way because it’s the truth of the matter. We don’t pull any punches. Everything in it is there for a reason. You don’t just gloss over it.”

Renner went on to discuss the Mayor of Kingstown creator’s writing itself. “It’s sometimes harrowing, sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes it’s even funny, but there’s something unapologetic about Taylor’s writing.”

When asked how he views the “family business” in Mayor of Kingstown, Renner shared, “It starts off as an outreach center. As an advocate for inmates. That’s the initial job. But with that, when you give inmates voices, you have to understand other people’s jobs and the prison system itself and incarceration.”

The Mayor of Kingstown also describes the business as “swimming in different shades of gray.” He explained, “There’s nothing black and white about any of this. There’s always something looming. Because people also don’t understand why [Mike] has this power. Or why they would call him the mayor. [Mike] was in prison for 10 years. He knows how that works. He has connections with the people in the prison.”