McKayla Maroney Is ‘Bad With Buttons’ in Stunning New Black Dress Pic

by Quentin Blount

After once making a name for herself on the gym floor, McKayla Maroney is now beginning to become very popular behind the camera.

For those who may not know, Maroney is a former Olympic gymnast. She was a member of the “Fierce Five” American Women’s gymnastics team during the 2012 Summer Olympics. During the competition, Maroney brought home a gold medal in the team and an individual silver medal in the vault event. It was just the second time in history that the American women took home the gold. And it was the very first time that they did so on foreign soil at the Olympics.

And although her days of stardom on the gymnastics mat are behind her, she is now a rising force in another area — Instagram modeling. Maroney has always used her social media accounts as a way to interact and connect with her fans. However, in addition to sharing her fitness regimens with her followers, she also does her best to be a beacon of positivity.

In her most recent photo, the former Olympian posed for a photo for her more than one million followers on Instagram. And let us be the first to tell, you, Maroney is looking stunning in her black dress.

“Bad with buttons, good at everything else,” Maroney wrote alongside her latest post.

As with all of her photos, Maroney’s new one has racked up nearly 30,000 likes in just a couple of hours. Her fans were once again thrilled to see another snap of the beautiful gymnast. They lit up the comments section with various responses such as, “Stunning,” “Fireeeee,” and “So beautiful.”

McKayla Maroney Enjoys Life as an Instagram Model

Ever since retiring from gymnastics in 2016, the 25-year-old Maroney has been keeping herself entertained. In fact, she has been trying her hand at many things including, acting and singing. She even released two singles last year during 2020.

But her main focus lately has been to continue building up her profile as a social media influencer and model on Instagram. She often takes to her official account to try out new poses and show off new outfits. Not only that, but she also shares her fitness routines and other positive messages with her fans.

There is no question that McKayla Maroney is making the most of her rise to fame. Going from one of the best gymnasts in the world to one of the top models on Instagram is no small feat. And by the looks of it, her fans are loving it just as much as we are.