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‘Meateater’ Host Steve Rinella Speaks Out About Ammo Shortage

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by PATRICK MCMULLAN/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Outdoor activities have seen a big boost in popularity the past few years, perhaps in part to Covid. Recognizing this, MeatEater host Steve Rinella recently discussed it and the ammo shortage we currently face.

Increased outdoors enthusiasm, while great on its own, has had some side effects. We’re all too familiar with some industries experiencing shortages and the ammo sector is no exception. This year is the second season hunters face troubles regarding ammunition. Speaking with Fox News, MeatEater host Steve Rinella talked about the challenges they’re seeing now.

Luckily for him, his professional relationships in the industry have helped keep him from really feeling the sting regarding ammo. Nonetheless, he still recognizes and sees the impact. According to him, ammo companies are doing their best to combat the problem, but it’s caused other issues to crop up too.

“There are tooling issues as well,” Rinella stated. “(Ammos manufacturers) tool up to run the most high demand stuff and that can create the illusion that they don’t care about certain esoteric calibers.”

Furthermore, he states he’s seen friends have to adjust their gun habits. In many cases, they don’t go to the range as much to practice. In some cases though, they refrain from using some guns entirely if ammo is difficult to find.

Despite the issues gun-owners face, Rinella gives advice for hunting and collecting firearms yourself. If you’re at all interested, he suggests finding local hunting groups and fellow enthusiasts in the area. “People will respect and mentor you,” he explained. “It’s good to get in there and pay upfront as an aspiring conservationist.”

Luke Combs Goes Hunting with ‘MeatEater’ Crew

Along the lines of finding fellow hunting enthusiasts, country singer Luke Combs enjoys the craft. In fact, for season 10 of MeatEater, he went hunting with Steve Rinella and the crew, snagging a huge antelope.

Last month, Combs posted a picture to his Instagram account with him and Rinella, along with the huge creature.

“Thanks to @meateater for having me be a part of episode 1, season 10 where Steve and Janis took me and @thebrothershunt on a antelope hunt in Wyoming; you can watch it now on Netflix,” the caption reads. “Also, I donated an autographed guitar to their Land Access Initiative auction that is live on their website (themeateater.com). All proceeds will help their team find more land to help folks hunt and fish.”

As the caption reads, Combs didn’t just go there to hunt. His efforts extended to land conservation and future hunting possibilities. The autographed guitar he mentioned ended up selling for $9,750, all of which went to help enthusiasts find places to hunt and fish.