Meet Joe Rogan’s Wife: Everything to Know About the Podcaster’s Partner, Jessica Ditzel

by Suzanne Halliburton
Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Joe Rogan lives life very loud, but his wife, Jessica Ditzel, is as private as he is obnoxiously public.

How’s this for private? There’s an Instagram account purportedly belonging to Ditzel. But it’s private and only has 188 followers. Meanwhile, Rogan’s Insta has nearly 15 million followers and he averages about 11 million listeners per podcast.

But here’s what we know about the woman who married Rogan in 2009, back when the country’s best-known podcaster was a stand-up comic who dabbled in game shows. He’d already become famous as a UFC announcer and host of Fear Factor. And by Christmas, 2009, Rogan created his first podcast, back when Ustream, and not Spotify, carried it.

Joe Rogan and NBC president Jeff Zucker celebrate Fear Factor’s 100th episode in 2004. (Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images)

The two already had one daughter together when they married in 2009. Plus, Rogan adopted Ditzel’s daughter from another relationship. And Ditzel’s daughter, Kayla Rose, sometimes posts photos of her mother. Here’s a post from Kayla celebrating her mother on Jessica’s birthday. Her post is one of the few public ones that show the mysterious wife of Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan Met His Wife When She Was Single Mom Working As a Cocktail Waitress

Ditzel was born in Sugar Land, Texas. That’s a suburb of Houston, which is about a three hours drive from where the Rogans now live in Austin. She graduated from high school in Colorado Springs and then moved west to attend college at Long Beach State. By 2001, Ditzel worked at a bar. And she met Rogan on the job.

At some point before she met Rogan, Ditzel dated Dino Conner, the lead singer and one of the founding members of the R&B group H-Town (that’s for Houston). They were engaged and Conner is Kayla’s father. But in 2003, long after the couple broke up, Dino died in a car accident, which also took the life of his girlfriend and unborn child. Kayla, like her late father, also is a singer.

Rogan doesn’t mention his family on his podcast. It’s not that he doesn’t love his wife and three daughters. Back when Lola was born, Rogan said:

“I always describe having a baby as just like doing mushrooms,” he told the Palm Beach Post. “In that if you’ve never done it before, I can’t really describe it to you accurately. … There’s no way I could tell you how much you would love your child.”

And when Jessica became pregnant with Rogan’s first child, that’s when Rogan decided to put a ring on her finger. They’d dated for eight years. When Lola was born, Rogan was mostly doing comedy.

Rogan doing standup in 2009. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images)

Rogan said Jessica’s pregnancy changed everything about marriage.

“I had to,” Rogan told the Palm Beach Post. “Not really had to, but you know, she made a baby. (It’s) like, ‘God, all right, I’ll sign a silly legal contract.’ What she did was way more of a commitment.” He also adopted Kayla when he married her mother.

Jessica signed a modeling deal in 2010.

Rogan has the ear of millions of young men. He repeatedly tells them not to get married, likening it to Russian roulette. However, being married to Jessica seems to be good for Rogan.

“She lets me do whatever I do,” he told Rolling Stone. “That’s how we get along well. She doesn’t f–k with me. A prenup? Of course. I’m ridiculous and dumb, but I’m not stupid.”

Then he talked how his kids changed him. “You know what? Porn and strip clubs seem so different to me now. They’re not out. But they just don’t seem the same. Having kids just ruined it.” (We’re assuming that Rogan, ever the comedian, probably was only partly kidding).

The couple and the two youngest daughters moved to Austin in 2020. And although they’re very private, they do live life very large. When he signed a $100 million deal with Spotify, Rogan bought an 11,000-square foot home with eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms on the shores of Lake Austin. Price tag was $14.4 million.

There is one member of the family, besides Joe, who isn’t publicity-shy. Meet Marshall Mae Rogan, the family golden retriever who has 784,000 followers on Instagram. Marshall also helps his dad on his podcast. The men in the Rogan family have to stick together.