Meghan McCain and Family Nailed These ‘Yellowstone’ Rip & Beth Halloween Costumes

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Former “The View” co-host Meghan McCain took to Instagram on Sunday (October 31st) to share snapshots of her and her family nailing Yellowstone Halloween costumes.

“Rip and Beth forever. And a Dutton ranch baby fawn! (We had to!) Happy Halloween!  @yellowstone  #ripandbeth  #yellowstonetv 🦌🎃,” Meghan McCain declared in the post. 

The Yellowstone-inspired Halloween costume snap comes just a couple of weeks after Meghan McCain released her highly anticipated audio memoir Bad Republican.

This is Meghan McCain’s first audio memoir. Its description reads, “With the passing of her war-hero father and the birth of her daughter Liberty, Meghan realizes she’s becoming a different woman. Known as a Republican rebel and a departing co-host of The View, new mom Meghan McCain tells her story – in her own words.”

Meghan McCain’s Bad Republican is also described as personal as a story gets. The memoir is “imbued with an unmistakable maverick spirit.”

Whoopi Goldberg & Sarah Haines Speak Out About Meghan McCain’s Comments About ‘The View’ Being a Toxic Work Environment

Last week, Whoopi Goldberg shared her thoughts about Meghan McCain’s accusations of The View being a toxic work environment. According to Too Fab, Goldberg stated she had nothing to say when asked about McCain’s comments.

“You know, I’m trying to get my leg and my hip right,” Goldberg stated. “I don’t have time to think about anything but myself.”

When asked if McCain would be welcomed back to The View stage, Goldberg just said that those questions need to be addressed to the “adults,” meaning the producers of the daytime talk show. “You know, I’ll leave all that s— to the… sorry, I’ll leave all that stuff to the adults.”

Fellow The View co-host Sarah Haines shared her thoughts about McCain’s comments as well. She said, “Everyone’s kind of got their own journey and their trip and their experience. I love this place, it’s been very good to me. She just doesn’t work here anymore though — she’s moved on.”

As previously reported, McCain revealed more details about her struggles as the conservative co-host on The View. While discussing how the talk show is formatted, McCain stated that each host picks a topic. “They give you a list at night. I would obviously choose the ones that made Democrats look bad. It was much harder to get those on-air because all the producers are liberal. All the hosts are liberal.”

McCain also recalled that she would say it was crazy-making and she told the producers that they needed to hire more Republicans on staff. “I always thought for TV, for the viewers watching, it benefits everybody to have more balance. I didn’t feel like there was balance.”