Meghan McCain Rumored to Potentially Join ‘The Talk’ After Surprising Exit from ‘The View’

by Samantha Whidden

Is Meghan McCain jumping from one daytime talk show to another? According to new speculation, the soon-to-be-former co-host of The View may actually be switching networks and joining CBS’ The Talk. 

According to PopCulture, The National Enquirer is the source of the rumor. The media outlet quotes a source who claims McCain’s most recent on-air argument with fellow The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg was the last straw.  The argument also made Meghan realize she’ll always be considered as the “whipping girl” on The View

“Differences in opinion aside, they never really liked each other,” the insider reveals about Meghan McCain and Whoopi Goldberg. The source also explains that the co-hosts virtually have nothing in common and the things do and say are like “fingernails on a chalkboard.”

The insider also states that with Sharon Osbourne leaving The Talk, the timing couldn’t be more right for Meghan McCain to join that panel.

“This is a perfect time for her to make her move – and that would be the perfect place.”

Meghan McCain hasn’t addressed any of the rumors of her joining another talk show. Meghan described The View as “hands-down greatest, more exhilarating, wonderful privileges” of her entire life. 

Though it seems like a lateral move for McCain, Gossip Cop doesn’t think this is actually a rumor to consider. According to the media outlet, Meghan has at least two years left of her contract with The View. So she isn’t likely to move to The Talk anytime soon. 

Meghan McCain Shows Her Support For Israel During Rally Against Antisemitism in D.C.

Over the weekend, Meghan McCain joined 2,000 people at a rally against antisemitism. ‘NO FEAR: Rally in Solitary with the Jewish People’ was held in Washington D.C.  

According to The Times of Israel, The View co-host took to the event’s podium to address the crowd.

“We will not let [antisemitism] happen here in the United States of America. We cannot be quiet, we cannot be silent. And first and foremost above all else, we cannot be scared.”

Meghan also reveals that she fully supports the Jewish people. “I’m not Jewish, but I can see how scary it is.” Also during her speech, Meghan stresses the importance of calling out antisemitism on either side of the political spectrum and claims that people are increasingly unable to condemn Jewish hate in their own political parties. 

Meghan McCain also took to her Instagram account to share some pictures of the event.

“Thank you for your advocacy @ysabellahazan – so wonderful to be around so many brave Zionist fighters today on Capitol Hill at the #nofearrally,” Meghan writes in one of her posts. “We are all stronger together, unafraid and fighting against the pure evil that is antisemitism!”