Meghan McCain Speaks Out on ‘Emotionally Depleting’ Last Few Days, Says Veterans in Her Life are ‘Really Struggling’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Meghan McCain grew up in a military family. She’s watching the drama unfolding hourly in Afghanistan and feeling “emotionally depleted.”

McCain tweeted: “I can’t even tell you how emotionally depleting the last few days have been. Veterans in my life are really struggling. This war which was very much my generations war has been treated with an ending that will haunt us forever. There is NO empathy coming from the White House.”

The late John McCain, Meghan’s father, was a proponent of the war in Afghanistan since it started almost two decades ago. In fact, a year before the U.S. Senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee died, he pushed for more troops in Afghanistan. He butted heads with then-President Donald Trump, who wanted to pull all troops from the country by this past May.

So it makes sense that Meghan McCain also would be in favor of a military presence in the country. Plus, the scenes out of the Middle Eastern country are heartbreaking. Residents are trying to flee the country as the United States evacuates its own citizens who were living and working in the country.

Three of McCain’s brothers serve in the military. John McCain was a POW in the Vietnam War. And his father was an admiral in World War II.

After Leaving The View, Meghan McCain Is Relying On Social Media to Share Her Views

Meghan McCain is using her social media account to share her opinions. It’s her only platform, at least for the moment. She left the daily talk show The View earlier this month after a four-year stint at the table. She announced she was leaving, in part, because she wanted to stay in Washington, D.C., with her husband and young daughter, Liberty. McCain lived in New York when she first started the show. But she moved to D.C. when the pandemic shutdown first started to live with her husband, Ben Domenech. He’s a Fox News contributor and publisher of The Federalist, a conservative news site.

Meghan McCain also criticized the Biden administration Monday afternoon following a briefing by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. In the briefing, reporters asked Sullivan what would happen if the U.S. couldn’t evacuate all Americans from Afghanistan by Aug. 31. He declined to say what plans would be, saying he didn’t want to answer a hypothetical.

Meghan McCain tweeted: “We are in completely uncharted waters. We do not ever leave Americans behind. Ever. If this is what the Biden White House expects the American public to support they are out of their ever moving minds. This is lunacy. The American public and our veterans will not stand for this.”

She doesn’t allow most people to reply to her tweets. Earlier this year, she changed the settings so that only people she follows or mentions can reply to anything she says.

She also tweeted more about Sullivan and President Joe Biden. Sullivan said while other top-level Cabinet members under Biden are keeping in touch with American allies, the president hasn’t spoken with another world leader since the Afghanistan withdrawal started. CNN reported Tuesday afternoon that Biden has spoken with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

After the Sullivan comments, Meghan McCain tweeted: “Indefensible. Shameful. A dereliction of the office of the Presidency.”