Mel Gibson Reportedly Gave Advice to Britney Spears After 2008 Breakdown: ‘Turn to God’

by Samantha Whidden

Following her epic breakdown in 2008, Mel Gibson reportedly showed up at pop superstar Britney Spears’ home and gave her some advice on how to handle the situation. 

Former friend and trainer to Britney Spears, Sean Phillip, revealed to The Sun that he recalls Gibson being one of the first random people to reach out to Britney for support.

“I remember Mel Gibson was one of them,” Phillip states. “Telling [Britney Spears] that Christianity would save her and to turn back to God. It was all quite surreal.”

Britney Spears’ Former Friend Reveals What Caused Her Infamous 2008 Breakdown

Phillip also shared with the media outlet the factors that may have caused Britney’s infamous breakdown. “The reality is that she was exhausted,” he states. “She was being worked to the bone, and was in no fit state to still be performing.” 

Sean also said that the medication Britney was put on wasn’t helping her at all. It even caused her to become paranoid. “She fainted in the club in the party that she was hosting. I had to get her out, carrying her on my shoulders with a black suit jacket thrown over her.”

He then recalls Britney being “fine” after getting away from other people who were trying to take pictures of her. “But [she was crying hysterically and so upset. She was saying, ‘Why am I so accessible? Why am I still doing club gigs?’”

Phillip also states that the management was trying to give her something in a pill form and he told them that wasn’t happening. He also told the management that she was just overwhelmed and begged them to let her rest. 

Phillip says that was a few days before Britney lashed out at a paparazzi car by smacking it with an umbrella. Following her epic breakdown, Britney’s father, James Spears, took off for her music career and financials through a conservatorship. He, along with outside financial group Bessmer Trust, has been in control of the conservatorship since 2008.

Britney Seeks to Remove Father From Conservatorship

Last month, Britney Spears spoke publicly about her experience with the conservatorship and how she wanted her father to no longer be involved and to be removed immediately. She also shared in full detail what she experienced under the conservatorship, including being forced to take medications and not have her IUD (preventing her from having more children).

“I will be honest with you. I haven’t been back in court in a long time, because I don’t think I was heard on any level when I came to court the last time,” Britney declares during her testimony. She also brought a four-page document of what she had experienced during the past four months before she made her appearance in court. 

Britney also discusses her feelings about her father being involved in the conservatorship.

“The last time I spoke to you by just keeping the conservatorship going, and also keeping my dad in the loop, made me feel like I was dead,” She states. Like I didn’t matter like nothing had been done to me. Like you thought I was lying or something. I’m telling you again because I’m not lying. I want to feel heard.”

Following her court appearance, Bessmer Trust filed to be removed from the conservatorship. Her father, on the other hand, is still in control of the conservatorship.