MeTV Announces Holiday Classic TV Schedule Featuring ‘Happy Days,’ ‘M*A*S*H,’ and More

by Suzanne Halliburton

MeTV is giving its viewers a big gift this season. And what screams holidays more than festive episodes of classic TV shows like M*A*S*H and Happy Days?

All your favorites are on the MeTV holiday viewing menu from The Brady Bunch to the Beverly Hillbillies. You can check out the entire lineup here. The holiday episodes start Nov. 14, so view away.

MeTV knows that the holiday season is big business. But the network known for reruns is curating a list of the most festive throwbacks for its programming. Meanwhile, other networks are going for new movies and/or holiday-themed episodes.

The Hallmark Channel will celebrate the holidays with 41 new movies. Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas is such a significant event that it started Oct. 22. Meanwhile, Lifetime didn’t want Hallmark to be the exclusive Christmas movie network. That’s why Lifetime is featuring 35 new holiday movies this season. The official kickoff for It’s a Wonderful Lifetime is Nov. 7.

People magazine reported that there will be 144 new holiday movies across all networks to end 2021 in the most festive way possible. As of Thursday night, Hallmark, Netflix and BET+ already have broadcast new Christmas movies. Lifetime starts this weekend. To think, most of us are just now getting over our Halloween candy coma to start the countdown for Thanksgiving. But on our televisions, we must mistletoe.

So what’s MeTV got in store for us? First up is a Brady Bunch Thanksgiving-themed episode. Remember when Greg got all the Bradys to help with his American history project about the first Thanksgiving? The episode, called The Un-Underground Movie first ran Oct. 16, 1970.

There’s also a couple of Thanksgiving-themed Beverly Hillbillies on the MeTV schedule. And one of the plots is what you think. Elly May adopts a turkey as one of her critters. So no, Granny can’t serve it in the fancy eatin’ room.

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The Waltons also did Thanksgiving very well. One episode, called The Waiting, first ran in November 1979. The family found out that John Boy no longer was missing in World War II. Rather, he was in a coma. As Olivia and John Sr headed to his bedside, cousin Rose fixed Thanksgiving dinner. Meanwhile, The Thanksgiving Story, Parts 1 and 2, in 1973 won an Emmy for best writing in a drama. Those three episodes run Nov. 23-25 on MeTV. Then stay for the Happy Days Thanksgiving show.

The big MeTV holiday viewing comes the Sunday before Christmas and on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Be sure to catch the first-ever M*A*S*H Christmas-themed episode. It’s called Dear Dad and it ran during December 1972. Hawkeye (Alan Alda) writes home to his father, detailing the holiday happenings at the 4077th. He dresses up as Santa Claus to entertain the local kids. But Hawkeye ends up taking a chopper to the front line. While still dressed as Santa, he operates on a soldier. That episode runs on MeTV on Dec. 19. The next episode is called Dear Sis. Alda wrote it and it’s a M*A*S*H holiday-themed episode from 1978.