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MGM Addresses Rumors That ‘No Time to Die’ Could Lose Money

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

No Time to Die saw its theatrical release nearly two months ago. Though the James Bond franchise is incredibly popular, the pandemic has made even the biggest franchises struggle. After a report emerged it would actually lose millions, MGM issued a statement addressing the matter.

Daniel Craig’s last Bond movie was estimated to do well at the box office at release. However, Variety recently published an article stating though it is the highest-grossing Hollywood movie this year, it would still lose millions. It’s been reported the movie’s break-even point is $900 million and since it made $758 last weekend in global sales, it would seem to have fallen short quite a bit. Nonetheless, MGM issued a statement refuting the claim, saying it is “simply, not true.”

“Unnamed and uninformed sources suggesting the film will lose money are categorically unfounded and put more simply, not true,” Cinemablend reports. “The film has far exceeded our theatrical estimates in this timeframe, becoming the highest-grossing Hollywood film in the international marketplace and passing F9 to become the highest-grossing Hollywood film since the pandemic.”

Continuing, MGM additionally said the movie will earn them a profit. “With the PVOD release of the film already doing stellar home viewing business, all while continuing to hold well theatrically, No Time To Die will earn a profit for MGM, both as an individual film title and as part of MGM’s incredible library.”

As of now, it’s difficult to say how accurate each side of the story is. Numerous outlets reported the $900 million figure, but it could also be a mistake.

Daniel Craig Laments Not Taking Pierce Brosnan’s James Bond Advice

Daniel Craig played James Bond for 15 years, so it’s safe to say he’s experienced in the matter. However, he recently said he does have a regret about the role, and it has to do with the advice Pierce Brosnan provided.

Appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden, Craig naturally discussed his longstanding role as Bond. Interestingly, he mentioned Pierce Brosnan, another former Bond at one point. He then disclosed the two Bonds chatted and Brosnan gave him simple advice about the role. “Pierce Brosnan said to me, ‘Just enjoy the ride.’ Just enjoy it, I just started enjoying it a year ago. That’s funny.”

Obviously joking, Craig mentioned it because he’s moving on to do Macbeth on broadway. Despite that, he notes he’ll miss the role and everything it entails. “I’ll miss everything, I think. I’ll miss the collaboration. I mean, hopefully, I’ll keep working. And I’ll have a lot of other lovely jobs. But it’s very, very, very rare air.”

Daniel Craig leaving is the end of an era, but it’s nice to see he’s in such good spirits about it.