Michael Che Faces Major Backlash for Simone Biles Jokes, Says He Got Hacked

by Katie Maloney

People are not happy with SNL Star Michael Che’s jokes about Simone Biles.

It’s surprising that people still don’t know by now that sexual assault jokes are never appropriate. Nevertheless, comedians still make inappropriate jokes referencing the crime. “Saturday Night Live” star Michael Che is one of those comedians.

Che took to Twitter this week to announce that he would be performing stand-up this week. He said he wanted to include some Simone Biles jokes into his routine and asked his fans to help him out. Countless fans tweeted jokes about the Olympic athlete. Some were in good fun, others were tasteless. Che shared some of the jokes on his social media. However, unfortunately, he didn’t weed out the tasteless jokes. In fact, he celebrated them.

One of Michael Che’s fans pitched a joke referencing Larry Nassar, the former team doctor of the U.S. Olympic gymnast team who was convicted of molesting 10 children on the team. I repeat: he is a convicted child molester.

“Larry Nassar understands Simone Biles better than anyone,” wrote the fan. “He too had to quit doing what he loved at the pinnacle of his career because of mounting pressure.”

Che shared the joke on his social media. At first, it seemed like he disapproved of the joke. He wrote, “god****, that’s rough. absolutely tasteless.” However, then he continued to rate the joke. Che gave it a 9 out of 10.

He also shared another fan-generated joke, “Who said black don’t crack?” Che wrote, “now that’s a good joke. economical. referential. balanced.” And he rated it an 8 out of 10 – a lower rating than the previous joke that referenced convicted sex offender Larry Nassar.

Michael Che Tries To Clean Up His Mess

It’s unclear whether Michael Che actually used any of the jokes in his routine. He had also announced that he already had about three minutes of Simone Biles material that he had written himself. But people were upset about the sexual assault joke he shared. Michael Che received a lot of backlash over the next 24 hours. So much so, that he made a half-hearted attempt to clean up his social media mess. The morning after sharing those “jokes.” Che claimed that his social media account was hacked.

“I got hacked today. can’t believe they got me. yall know I only do jokes about whites and cops,” he wrote.

I understand that our society as a whole is very sensitive right now. And there will be countless people who say “Wow, people can’t take a joke.” But in my opinion, if you’re not intelligent enough to come up with a joke that doesn’t rely solely on the shock factor of sexual assault, then you need to sit down. There are far greater comedians who can do a lot better.