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Michael Jordan Reveals Why He Chose Bubba Wallace for NASCAR Team, How He Wants ‘To Win Tomorrow’

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Michael Jordan is ready to win. The NBA legend recently made his move to NASCAR team owner. He teamed with Denny Hamlin for a new team in 2021. They recently recruited Bubba Wallace to drive for them.

“If you’re asking me, I want to win tomorrow as soon as we get on the track. I know it is a process,” Jordan told Fox Sports. Jordan grew up in North Carolina and is a long-time NASCAR fan.“I don’t go in with the idea and the concept that I’m trying to change and shape NASCAR.”

“I am going in showing my passion,” he added. “And I hope that whoever knows Michael Jordan, whoever supports Michael Jordan, whoever supports NASCAR, sees this as an opportunity to enjoy the sport.”

Bubba Wallace will drive for Michael Jordan’s team.

Jordan and Hamlin developed the idea for the team recently but known each other for years. The Jordan Brand sponsored Hamlin, and he also has season tickets for the Jordan-owned Charlotte Hornets. A rumor spread that the two wanted to buy a stake in the Richard Petty Motorsports team. Instead, the rumor led to them discussing the creation of their own team.

The two struck a deal with Germain Racing, who wanted to sell its team charter. Jordan became the first full-time black NASCAR Cup Series owner in decades. Wendell Scott was the last black owner in 1971. Jordan said Wallace’s stance on racial inequalities made him a viable candidate.

“In essence, he took a stance for what we believed in. Obviously, I support him in his stance. It was a chip that added to this whole process,” Jordan said. According to Fox, the team plans to acquire the Toyota cars from Leavine Family Racing. The Leavine team will cease operations by the end of the 2020 season.

“We’re going to give Bubba the best possibility or chance to win in Year 1,” Hamlin said. “I believe he can win in the first year. But I’m also not naive to think that this is an easy business. It is hard to win.”

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