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Michael Madsen’s Son Hudson Reportedly Dies by ‘Suspected Suicide’ at 26

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Monica Schipper/FilmMagic)

Incredibly sad news out of Hawaii. Michael Madsen’s son, Hudson Madsen, has died at the age of 26 of a “suspected suicide.”

According to The Sun, authorities have confirmed that Hudson passed away on Monday from, “a gunshot wound to the head in a suspected suicide on the island of Oahu.” That statement came from the Department of the Medical Examiner in Honolulu.

Hudson leaves behind his wife, Carlie. He had served in the U.S. Army and spent time overseas in Afghanistan. Oscar award-winning director Quentin Tarantino was Hudson’s godfather. Michael Madsen worked with Tarantino many times. Their collaborations included films like Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill.

The 64-year-old father of three and his wife, DeAnna will be mourning their loss. As well as Calvin and Luke, Hudson’s brothers. Reports have indicated that DeAnna is traveling down to Hawaii in order to handle the aftermath of this horrible tragedy.

Michael Madsen is a Chicago native and was recently the focal point of a biopic. The film, American Badass: A Michael Madsen Retrospective came out in 2021 and was produced by Playmaker Pictures. Tarantino makes an appearance along with John Travolta and Daryl Hannah.

Throughout his career, Madsen made his name in film and television. He landed roles in a lot of iconic films and was once a Hollywood heartthrob. Before he was in Reservoir Dogs, the actor had already been featured in movies for over 10 years. While he was a star of the 1980s and 90s, he was able to ride his success to a career spanning four decades and going on.

It is so unfortunate to hear about this awful news. Michael Madsen and his family are going through something that no loved one ever wants to go through.

Michael Madsen Almost Had Big ‘Law & Order’ Role

In the late 1980s, when Michael Madsen was a young and attractive male lead, there was a point in time when he was considered for the part of Mike Logan. Dick Wolf thought he would fit the part well. The role ended up going to Chris Noth who was able to earn fan praise and acclaim for his portrayal.

It was 1988 and Madsen had a lot of purchase. He was still a while away from Reservoir Dogs fame but was still well-known. Instead, because of the way Hollywood is, the role went to Noth and the rest is history. It isn’t like Madsen needed the role in the end, anyway. However, he would have been able to do it well, I’m sure.

Michael Madsen had a lot of great roles over the years. One more wasn’t going to make or break his career. Besides, Noth was wonderful in the role and did a great job bringing the character to life on screen.