Michael Strahan Drops ‘Wednesday Wisdom’ About Trying to ‘Change Other People’

by Matthew Wilson

Michael Strahan is dropping a little bit of wisdom with his latest social media post. The TV personality shared some advice about changing people.

Spoiler alert, you can’t. But Strahan believes you can change how you act around a person. The former NFL athlete believes making positive changes in ones’ self is enough.

On Twitter, he wrote,”You can’t change other people, but you can change how you are around them, and sometimes, a lot of times, that’s more than enough.”

Michael Strahan Shares Other Beliefs

In an interview with Inc, Strahan discussed how he went from the NFL to becoming a TV personality on “Good Morning America.” He also started his own talent agency SMAC Enter­tainment in 2010. The former athlete got surprisingly insightful regarding his own public image.

Strahan said he believes in being authentic in whatever he does. Viewers have seen most sides of his personality, and he doesn’t believe in stonewalling aspects of himself away from others. That has helped him in life as it has in business and is one of the reasons he’s been so popular as a TV host.

“I’m not going to fool you,” he told Inc. “This is who I am. This is what you get. I think people have seen every side of me. They’ve seen the nice side. They’ve seen the football side, which wasn’t so nice. I don’t have any sides that I haven’t shown. So I think it comes down to authenticity. I enjoy what I do and I think you can see that. I’m not faking a smile. I want to be where I am when you see me there.”

As for business and his talent agency, he believes in equality among his workers. He wants his employees to feel as if they’re all a part of the same team.

“I’ve always been cogni­zant of making people feel part of any success we have,” Strahan said. “I’m not some guy on the top of the totem pole looking down. That is something that [his personal manager and business partner] Constance really believes in from her time working at the NFL. Good ideas can come from anywhere.”

So far, Strahan continues to be successful by focusing on changes within himself and his own life.