Michael Strahan Encourages Fans to Text Him, Shares Phone Number

by Kayla Zadel

Michael Strahan is connecting with his fans in a whole new way. The former NFL star and now TV host is giving out his phone number so that fans are able to text him.

Strahan gives out his phone number in a contact card so that it’s easy to add his number to your list of contacts. He’s also making the announcement via social media that his digits are now available.

“Yooo, text me! Never thought I would put out my number on social media, but it’s true LOL! You can now text me, and I’ll hit you back with updates on what’s going on in my world. Excited to have a new way to connect with everybody! Text me at +1 (917) 540-8367,” he writes.

Strahan isn’t the first to join celebs that are giving out their numbers to connect with their fans. Just this week Dan + Shay also shared a phone number that allows fans to send text messages. Cole Swindell and Tim Tebow are also joining the trend.

Michael Strahan Joins ‘My Community’

In the video that accompanies the tweet, Strahan says that he’s joining My Community. My Community states that it’s allows people to make a more personal connection with the fan base that they’ve built.

On the website’s homepage, there’s a continuous scroll of celebrities that have signed up on the platform. Some of these names include Reba McEntire, Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw. Former President Barrack Obama’s even giving out his number.

Now to clarify, at the top of the website there’s an option to “Get a Number.” Therefore meaning that these aren’t the celebrities personal phone numbers. Sorry to disappoint, but according to the website a 10-digit number’s assigned to you once you sign up. Furthermore, when the first text is sent in, an automatic message is generated and sent as a response.

However, the user is capable of sending out personal texts and also can build a database on My Community. Also the catch, it’s not a free platform.